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Thank you for sharing your experience and your observations!

I had just a look at CMC and there the bitUSD rate looked quite close to $1, albeit with almost no volume.

And regarding Tether: customers would need to be KYC/AML compliant as well or would that only be necessary, if they want to cash out Tether for USD?

In the end your assessment seems to be valid: US-NBT is the best choice for synthetic USD at B&C Exchange at the moment.


A customer of B&C must have some way to deposit/withdraw tether. To have your own USDT address requires KYC/AML. I’m not sure if you can use your poloniex account as the tether address for B&C, but even there you’ll need to do KYC/AML with poloniex. However, I’ve heard that poloniex has much better support than tether, and I’m sure there are more people that have gone through the KYC/AML stuff with polo than tether, so if you can just use your polo USDT address to deposit and withdraw to B&C then the customer side might not be so bad.


I like this idea :slight_smile:


Just above 600 satoshis.
Don’t we wish we had the buyback money now?


Maybe we can sell a few shares :wink:


Now plunging and hovering around 560satoshis


Maybe some people are spooked because park rates were activated, not realizing that Nu is designed to be able to go through different cycles of demand, both high and low. This is normal behavior and nothing to worry about.

Or people are trying to get into Bitcoin because of the price spike.


By the way, we really need now something more reliable than coinmarketcap for USNBT price – now indicating $0.978494 (-1.55 %) …


now at 499 satoshis – what is going on?


Buy opportunity?




Amazing now 590sat.
$ 0.002626 (+15.17 %)


It must have something to do with this…

That thread has more comments in it than the whole front page. And we got some feedback from a customer that there wasn’t enough liquidity (buy orders) for him to feel comfortable using NuBits. Maybe others feel the same?


That customer wants to use NBT to hedge BTC volatility big time with high liquidity at a close spread.
The parametric order book that even moves orders when the price moves makes that not perfectly attractive:

If you ask me: that is not the type of customer Nu should want to ensnare, because that type of business (immense liqudity at very close spread) is ruinous.
I don’t believe that trading $2,000 in a short time is a problem at Poloniex most of the time - unless you want to trade swings.


15 btc (~2.5 mil nsr, ~0.3% of the network) were bought by a single actor. Here’s hoping they vote!


I wish if Nushares price would still be friendly for people like me alittle longer, I am buying at every possible situation, but resources are limited and the current price drop is an priceless opportunity.

Why do you think we need the nushares marketing right now? Do we need price appreciation for saving the peg or paying for development?!


Yeah, I’m finally about to get my big raise for all that training I had to do over the last year and covering for my boss while he was out for surgery. When I get that I’m going to go on a spending spree, so I hope the price stays low a little longer.


and promote it publicly.


541 sat now


NSR Price $0.0021 USD

465 sat