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NuShares price just shot above 1000 satoshis, after about two weeks of languishing below. What does this mean for the future?



That our next target is 2000 satoshis :slight_smile: Hope you get some serious answers, good thread

I think it may be important to identify why. The market cap is small so it doesn’t take much for growth; I don’t want to reach here, but is it digestion of the first dividend payment? Or maybe just the continuing success of the project in general.

Dunno why, but th price is on its way up at bter…

At CCEDK we had set the target of starting to introduce Nushares with the base of 810 Satoshis some two weeks ago and then on the base of some aggressive interactions lively up the market towards an increase to som 1620 Satoshi 1 months later. It is nice to see that already 2 weeks later we are very close to that target, feeling good at being able to offer 4 trading pairs with Nushares, and to see that today the three pairs NSR/BTC, NSR/NBT and NSR/PPC were all very active. A promising time seems ahead.

Not sure all here knows that Nushares are picking up at CCEDK, and that we are still able to provide rates slightly below the ones of Bter.

Our aim is from end of next week to be the exchange everyone else is checking out in regards to activity on Nushares, and based on last two weeks it seems we have chosen wisely putting some extra focus on Nushares.

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The NSR for sale at CCEDK has been snapped up, all the way to 1400 satoshis, on both PPC and BTC currency pairs. These were huge buys, of 5 to 10 million NSR in total. Very few NSR sell offers remain to keep the price in check on any market.

NSR hits USD 0.005 on http://coinmarketcap.com, with a 24-hour gain of over 35%!

New all-time record: 24-hour volume exceeds $50,000 across all exchanges.

EDIT: That went out of date quickly. Now USD 0.006 and $80,000 volume.

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Just noticed that NSR is now also an asset on CMC: http://coinmarketcap.com/assets/ Maybe that explained the sudden jump?

Before selling NSR, think twice.

When you sell on the open market you are giving away minting power and voting power to unknown speculators hence nullifying Jordan hard work of selecting candidates.

We cannot risk to loose control over our own network due to a price spike. Let the price ramp up and avoid dumping over there.

Now that is more urgent, I am starting a side-project : a platform to let shareholders and prospect shareholders talk to each other. The requirement to join the platform will be taking a test/quiz and demonstrate knowledge of the network. More on this soon.

Keep your finger away from the SELL button for a little longer =)


Sellers of Nushares will cry.

I sold all my Bitcoin when price was $20. I made 500% profit but within few months price hits $1000.

So, this time I’ll hold Nushares.

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Who is buying and for what purpose?
Any prediction on a dump timing, if any?

Sell walls forming in the 1900 to 2000 satoshi range. It looks like it will probably take some larger buys to push beyond this price.

Sell walls have extended down to 1750 satoshis. It looks like at least one person is interested in unloading a truckload of NSR.

Buying pressure is thinned out; the first sizable bids start appearing at about 1250 satoshis.

This creates opportunities to earn the spread between these walls, by offering to buy at around 1300 satoshis and to sell around 1700 satoshis.


Sell wall composed mostly of orders in the 1200+ satoshis now.
Btw, why such a spread with the buy wall?
Why is there no buy order, say in the 1800 satoshis?

NSR volume over $100k, I think for the first time, and #6 in crypto volume…



And NuBits #7. We’re having a great week on the markets.

And what about that:

And that:

There is some action in the market! :wink: