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Does make me wonder who for what purposes are trading nushares. This seller either doesn’t know the buy wall will move up soon or couldn’t wait or doesn’t care about a 30% price diff.


It was a sell of exactly 420,000 NSR. I would presume this to be more human-driven than bot-driven.


price $ 0.002578
volume $ 2,445
increase 6.57 %

PS: is the quantity 835,856,224 NSR correct?


16 NuShares
17 Counterparty


BTC has jumped to $299, and NSR has followed up to $0.0028. Can China continue to sustain this jump?


I’ve been out of it lately. How do people know it’s China causing this?


Looking at volume and price movements on Chinese exchanges vs. the rest


i see btc/usd, btc/eur and btc/jpy pairs in top 10
where is china?


At the bottom. The Chinese markets don’t have trading fees so cmc lists them at the bottom with a star. The volumes aren’t reliable, but the fact that cny markets have been leading with a 3% lead over other btc markets for a week makes me also think the the Chinese are leading this pump.

However, the EUR news was pretty big too: no taxes on alt trading.


NSR price is rising, drawn up by Bitcoin –
What’s best to do, as a Nushareholder?
I do not want to stay apathetic and do nothing, merely observing the rise.


Waiting for my paycheck all week while watching this rise sucks. Thankfully only 1 hour left to go and it should be direct deposited.


Are you asking if shareholders should take advantage of the rise somehow? (Burning NuBits, paying for development using our higher market cap, etc…?)

Or are you asking for trading advice?


Well anything – the goal being TO PROFIT AS A NUSHAREHOLDER, consensually. Perhaps this is equivalent to Having NU, the DAC profiting from this rise.


0.0031 4500 usd vol


$ 0.004235 (+30.90 %)

No price speculation posts in the past four days, but I think breaking $0.004000 is worth pointing out. We’re in the top 5 of percentage gains over the past 24 hours too. The low trading volume is not desirable for price discovery, but given the large buyback walls in place at 90% of market, it’s safe to say no shareholders are desperate to sell right now.

Also of note, due to Bitshares’ surprising price dumps over this BTC bull run, the market cap of NuShares ($3.530M) is now only 2.5x smaller than Bitshares ($9.131M). If we continue our success over the next few months we may find ourselves as the number one “shares” token in the world.


0.4436 cents +30%


0.4596 cents


0.4632 cents


Btc is insane. Almost 500usd. Without mtgox.


It’s looking like this might be the next bubble. I wonder if it will go over $1,200 this time. As far as I understand, every time this happens the bubble gets larger.