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But it looks like a different type of bubble this time.
Last time mtgox had vastly bigger rates than all other exchanges and faked/bot created (mtgox bot!) trading volume.
So the bubble was due to market and trading manipulation.

This time at least the price is surging across all relevant exchanges:

I don’t know what that means for bubbles and when they are expected to burst. The only thing I realize is that Bitcoin transactions did become much more expensive over the last week :wink:

If the BTC price rises faster than the Bitcoin network hash rate, Bitcoin might be able to survive the next coinbase reward halving (in less than 38 weeks; even sooner if the hash rate arms race gets fueled again) with little or no harm.
Woulda, coulda, if, in case of, etc.


someone made money in the Chinese stock market this year.


NSR with $10,620 in volume past 24 hours.

Poloniex still has about 20 BTC worth of sell orders to 0.00001500 BTC/NSR. BTER got cleared out though - only 6 BTC to 0.00005000 BTC/NSR right now.


The power of buybacks: NuShares reach 14th overall for the first time (I think, someone correct me if I’m wrong).


Great advertisement for Nu, hope it keeps up.


17k in vol. A record?

I think we reached 11th or 10th in jan 2015.


11th, you are correct.


wo. 6m market cap. 47k vol.
hope we ll blow away the records soon.


btc/nsr chart says nothing for me. do u know a good usd /nsr chart?
By the way why is prise rising just now?
buybacks tomjoad says.
how do i know what is a good price?


At the bottom you can select “Price (USD)”, and a green line will show at the chart.


Any nsr you can get your paws on is a good price.


oh my! welcome back!


Buyback is Great advertisement for Nubits when I was on Polo when the Buyback was set to buy on the sell wall and went up you should of seen the reaction in the trollbox everyone was talking asking about Nubits Nushares and even B&C exchange about BKS coins of course it was my pleasure too fill them in with detail and web source nubits.com and such also promoting weekly amounts of the next buyback in Btc to buy Nsr too be burned always sparks a lot interest :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to here. Nu is the only DAO out there that behaves like a company.

Oh by the way do u have the chat history?


**14th ** NuShares NuShares $ 4,346,742 $ 0.005225 831,939,361 NSR * $ 2,943 15.45 %


polo doesn’t have a chat history data log but they do have a chat history http://www.polonibox.com/


tks. http://www.polonibox.com/?messageText=nubits


Really interesting to see how traders are using NuBits as a hedge, just as we intended. This would explain part of the jump in demand we’ve seen the past couple weeks. Also interesting to see how Poloniex users are just starting to talk about share buybacks over the past week.


I only read the top page. The comments are very positive.


‘nubits is the fiat of polo’