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me guesses some bot’s algo went crazy, maybe triggered by the high wall.


$ 6,344 trade volume.


A glitch at cryptsy?


If not a glitch, then that’s a huge boost for only one share buyback.


exactly $1,000 volume makes me suspicious. I can’t find the volume in the trade history, makes me think glitch. Cryptsy has for sure been pumpy and has no sell walls below 18 microbtc, so for sure the price is correct, but the volume seems fishy.


The sell wall on cryptsy is insane – the prices are not aligned with other markets
What’s the rationale or the reason behind it?


Why is there so little trading volume for NSR? less than 1kUSD typically – Among the TOP20 coins, that is unique.


Maybe nobody wants to sell ;)?


I think this is it. Look at the recent poll conducted by Tomjoad. No shareholder seems to want to sell.


Why would they in the prospect of EU-NBT and CH-NBT?

I don’t know how the proceeds from selling the new products will be handled in detail.
A part will be kept in tier 4, some might be used for NSR buybacks and burns and a part of it will likely be distributed as dividend.

Would you want to sell shares of a corporation that will soon have:

  • more money in the books
  • a higher market capitalization (if the buybacks work as intended)
  • a decent dividend distribution


No shareholder seems to want to sell. And no buyer want to buy for a high enough price


So Nushareholders have a (much) higher expectation for NSR than the market.


By elimination, did you just suggest that selling USD could only bring the proceeds we have had so far and we have reached a limit for USD?


$ 0.002433 $ 4,376 +6.61 %


NSR back over 0.0025 USD, and over 2,000,000 USD total market cap. The share buybacks are benefiting from the increase in the price of BTC, as our Tier 4 BTC reserves are increasing in value. From what I can see on BTER/Poloniex, there isn’t much NSR left around these prices too.


I love these share buybacks. First buy back as many shares as possible and destroy them. Then more dividends can be distributed to a smaller number of shareholders.


$ 1,602,392 $ 845 -21.05 % :frowning:


Isn’t that a good thing, since it lets us buy back more shares?


Oh, it looks we just bought shares back with a good discount


@desrever @Sentinelrv you are right.