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@Phoenix’s motions will get a boost in support when there is a pump in NSR market which draws minting shares to the exchanges. Not surprised if they are not part of the plan.

I think it s a new record:

$ 100,495 trade volume

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impressive – due to?

Someone trying to make NSR an attractive liquid asset to buy…
Just my bet.

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finally some good news

Interesting development, let’s see it can be sustained over the weekend. There will be a few sellers I suspect.

NBT going close to $0.99 on coinmarketcap. Can it stay there?

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maybe not,still have less buy side

When I first saw all those NSR (>$500k) and NBT (>$30k) liquidity I thought It was related to the B&C development fund being used.

But as we can see it’s still untouched here: https://blockexplorer.nu/address/BJLmVRdGFi4q7Zidwzr4CPPsLT6pozR31a/1/newest

So it seems someone (or a team) is stepping in first so see what happens next…

This is gonna be interesting to watch!

That was an interesting ride. NBT peg is holding for now. NSR volume in last 24h is phenomenal (600k+), a record.
Someone must have put in a lot of money and effort to prepare this and…

There are almost 300m NSR on Poloniex.

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NSR will be over 10USD by 2018

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seriously? with 2,702,268,334 NSR in circulation that would be a market cap of over $27 billion
how do you see this as possible? BTC has only $19 billion market cap at the moment …
what are you smoking?


– > absolutely

what are you smoking?
– > never inhaled a single cigaret in my entire life

with 2,702,268,334 NSR in circulation that would be a market cap of over $27 billion
how do you see this as possible? BTC has only $19 billion market cap at the moment …
–> I just had a dream – Market cap of entire cryptos by 2018 will be between 100~500bUSD.
Pegged cryptos would have their fair share and growth & boom


If you want high prices for NSR - build services, where the payment or the fuel will be this coin


looking forward to many services on nubits – i know you will be doing this

Some interesting movements in NSR today at high volumes. Is it a pump-and-dump or something more sustainable?
Market Cap over $1,5m.[quote=“crypto_coiner, post:544, topic:757, full:true”]
NSR will be over 10USD by 2018
Still a bit away from this :slight_smile:


It was exciting action today. Alcurex is having trouble with their wallet. @sigmike

In chat they mentioned something about:

No it is not work with RPC API.

I opened a support ticket trying to get more info and directed them here. There is a bit of NSR for sale below cryptopia market rates because of this.

With such low market depth it’s easy for a small amount of money to produce big price movements, though you’d have to question why someone would buy so quick as to push up the price if their only aim was accumulation.

I could see NSR being a good high-risk high potential investment, as it is in a stable position & has an active community that is at least attempting to find a way forward, though there are big challenges.

Hello, DavidMc0. I’m a complete Nu-bie to NSR, so…
Question: Can I transfer NSR from Cryptopia to my newly-downloaded NBT wallet?

(I’m asking you because you’re the most recent post – lucky you!)


Hi, probably best to ask questions in the forum so others benefit from seeing the answers.

Yes, you can send NSR to the Nubits wallet. You can see NSR ballance by clicking the logo in the top left a number of times until the NSR wallet is loaded (after cycling through US NBT, EU NBT, CN NBT etc).

One word of advice - let the blockchain sync completely before transferring any NSR, as if there are problems syncing you won’t be able to send your NSR from the wallet until it’s synced properly.

Hope that helps!