Alcurex having trouble with the NSR wallet

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Alcurex is having trouble with their wallet. @sigmike

In chat they mentioned something about:

not work with RPC API.

NSR wallet basically works, but witdraw via RPC call will often give error code -4 and no send.

error log: SendMoney() : Error: Transaction creation failed

manually its sending, but will take like 5 minutes.

This is a better description of the problem they are having.

it sounds like they’ve minted with their wallet and now have a ton of transaction inputs. perhaps they could stop minting and combine all of the inputs into few big outputs.

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Thank you @lissajous for providing the needed details. @jooize sent me the same details in a PM and I provided some information he sent them. Hopefully this will solve their problem. Here’s my answer for the record:

Even if they did not mint they certainly received split outputs from their users. Disabling their own splitting will reduce transaction size by about half if they don’t already, and will also prevent further splitting while they mint.

Disabling minting would be a good to reduce CPU usage and to prevent shares from being locked. But it’s not possible right now without altering the source code. I added an option to disable minting already but it hasn’t been released.


Hi to all! New trouble with Alcurex NSR wallet. Can’t deposit NSR…