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yes, NSR is very cheap now. about BTER, it is very encourage that litlle by litlle the lost btc are returning to their owners!

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This is almost a surefire bet. Anyone with liquidity to buy nsr right now would do well to do something like this:
Bter has the trade volume right now. Put orders between 7 and 7.5 microbtc, make sure you buy at least 1 btc of the current sell order (if you can’t, well, maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will sell to you before the next up wave). Transfer the nsr to poloniex and put sell orders from 7.6 microbtc to 8 microbtc. You’re almost guaranteed to make like 10%.

An nbt auction (share buyback) would net us a good 10% profit on our hedge from the nbt buyback 6 months ago (when we sold nsr at $0.002).

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‘I then placed multiple sell orders in the range of 0.0000077 and 0.0000088 BTC. The NSR market has been rather volatile for half a year now and since we’re near bottom prices right now it makes sense to buy low and sell higher’

Thanks for your elaboration.
How do you know we are at the bottom?
Is your 500kNSR purchase for resell purpose to make a quick buck?
I have noticed a 1mnsr sell order around 000008btc mark on polo. Is that also you?

When NSR were initially sold I believe they were sold in a 0.0020$ and 0.0025$ range. Anything below that means a loss for the seller. If they are selling their mined NSR then the NSR they keep for mining is also becoming cheaper so they are not really winning much. From that I can deduce we’re at the bottom.

My 500k sell orders are for a quick buck indeed because if you buy in at the bottom and you have faith in the future of the asset then it is a good deal. However, what bothers me is the fact that BTC may rise more than NSR in the short term future. If that happens then I should have kept my BTC rather than converting them into NSR. NSR and BTC may both go up but I could still lose BTC wise by holding NSR. Either way this is also my contribution to the market activity of NSR trading. We need those dumb pump and dump gambler/speculators to get some positive free CMC marketing and awareness about nubits/nushares.

My sell orders are at 0.00000777 and 0.00000888 on bter and 0.00000850 on polo.

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Not necessarily. If you include minted NSR, PPC and BKS dividends into the equation, an early purchaser of NSR who paid $0.002 can sell NSR at $0.0015 (at 75% of buy price) without any loss:


How do you identify the current sell order?

Why is there any such discrepancy between the 2 markets for arbitrage?

I went ahead and bought mine off the market instead of private.

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@crypto_coiner Basically, that big sell order at 8 microbtc is an arbitrage (in my opinion). Someone caught a ton of falling knives on Bter and put them up for sale on polo. At least that’s what I think. That someone is incredibly smart.

Right now, we have sell pressure on bter and buy pressure on polo. Every month or so that flips and we get buy pressure on bter and sell pressure on polo. If you ride the waves, you can easily make a lot of money.

There is 1 btc up for sale on bter at 7.4 micro btc (https://bter.com/trade/nsr_btc). If I had money I would buy that and put it up on polo at 7.7 microbtc. That would be my guaranteed win. I would take the rest of the money and put it up as buy orders under 7.4 microbtc. This will most likely cause the polo price to go up, because people on polo are watching what happens on bter. That means that 7.7 will almost definitely get bought.

If I were buying to hold, I’d just go ahead and buy some of that big ol 4 btc order at 7.5 microbtc on bter, then maybe put some orders up around 7 microbtc just for kicks. Always be wary of exchange hacks though.

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It would make sense for NSR to go up now since the sales of BKS have stopped. The next logical step for the investors who missed the train would be buying into NSR. We could cooperate and turn the end of BKS sales into a hype for NSR. Let’s buy the price up and justify it with the end of blockshare sales. It would draw some media attention to nubits and B&C projects generating new users, speculators and profit :smiley:

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Yah, like that, lol. Someone bought like 5 btc on bter. Lotsa volume recently.

The min was 0.0018$ I believe.

I feel bitcoin price will continue to go down. Bitcoiners are losing momentum.

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Then NSR holders can hope for NSR price being measured in USD sooner or later.
After all Nu is a business and no kind of lottery ticket.


@Hyena explanation for why it is the bottom (vs usd) makes sense - does any member think otherwise?

One way to calculate the bottom is to subtract revenue from the investment (the initial buy price).
Early investors (and holders) can currently sell for 75% of buy price with 0 loss.

All else is speculation based on Nu’s present and future situation.

Considering the expected effect of BCE on Nu the future of Nu might look well.
Don’t know, though - how could I?
…just sayin’…
Speculation game on!

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That is a very strong argument - thanks for sharing that one

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Erm, which one - the calculation for the bottom level or the remark about the speculation game? :wink:

The whole reply - the 75% numerical basis which gives us a theoretical floor + the speculation realism

There could be other factors involved too. Many NuShareholders purchased NSR for between $0.0018 and $0.0025, but didn’t pay in US dollars. They paid in Peercoin or Bitcoin that may have already experienced capital appreciation.

For example, let’s pretend User A purchased 3000 Peercoin in May 2013 for $0.20 each. By September 2014 his $600 PPC investment was worth $4500 once PPC reached $1.50 each. He then chose to purchase 2,500,000 NuShares (at $0.0018 each) with his funds.

His initial investment cost was only $600. As long as a NuShare is priced above $0.00024 (note that extra zero) he will come out ahead if he needs to sell. That’s why predicting the bottom based on buy-in prices isn’t likely to be very accurate. I think the market cap of NuShares is most strongly influenced by the number of expected future dividends shareholders will receive.


based on whatever is close to impossible :wink:
It all depends on the ratio between supply and demand :slight_smile: