Tom's Weekend Contest 1 - November 8-9, 2014

Hi everyone

Each weekend I’m going to do a small little 5.00 NBT contest using data from our analytics.

This week’s question:

How many unique cities have visitors logged into from, as of November 9th, 2014?

Closest answer wins 5.00 NBT! Contest closes whenever I decide on Monday.

Cybnate: 34
levent: 37
mhps: 42
Desrever: 67
GLock: 88
lg15x: 103
Yurizhai: 117
Chronos: 121
Zoro: 250
Jmmy: 289
Willy: 420
Seki: 500
irritant: 1234
Master of Disaster: 1337

And the actual number as of the time I looked was…

1703 cities

Here’s a world map showing all the places people have visited Nu.

@MasterofDisaster send me a NBT address for your 5.00 NBT. Nice job!

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My bet: 34



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I suppose i’m disqualified since i’m looking at the report right now :frowning:



Cheater! How dare you copy my guess?
I won’t share the 5 NBT with you 50:50, but you can have one of my five in case my guess was closest :stuck_out_tongue:

88 ?

No duplicates! I’m going to say that the first person to submit a value gets to claim it. In this case, @Masterofdisaster has 1337. You can submit another guess @irritant.

Disqualifying @irritant’s vote brings a gravity to this contest which I did not intend to create. My accusation was meant in a funny way. If it wasn’t perceived as that I want to say sorry for that and would rather share the prize 50:50 (just in case there’s a prize to share) than to have @irritant’s guess removed and replaced; 1337 is just so 1337 - I couldn’t resist as well!
…but it is for sure not up to me to define the rules for this contest as I’m only a participant. I might create an offer, though…

So was my response :wink: Still easier to have no duplicate entries as a rule for future weekend contests.

yes np sorry didn’t see masterOfDisaster’s vote (scrolled all the way down), let me change my vote to 1234 (wanted to change to 9001, over 9000, but some quick google searches showed there are not enough cities)