FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)

My understanding is “included” as the driver for the limit is not to impact the NSR market. So the upper limit is a limit for the total to be sold per week.

Strictly spreaking the total bought cannot result the reserve to exceed the T4 limit (121.97 btc).

I think so.

I believe @masterOfDisaster make a mistake when he breated the address by using the nbt flot group’s keys. I think a #3 multisig address should be made using available members’ IDs, and the fund in #2 sig should be transfered to #3.

available members are @cryptog @jooize @mhps @Cybnate @woodstockmerkle @Dhume . @ttutdxh in order or frequency seen in forums.

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With the passage of the “Chief of Liquidity Ops” role and imminent allocation of shares to Phoenix, the network is moving in a direction that I disagree with.

As such I will be withdrawing myself from efforts related to Nu.

I will continue to fulfill FLOT duties; however, once all funds are moved to multisigs that do not include me, I will resign from FLOT.

Please exclude me from the list of candidates for any new multisig.


I will hold off my judgement until not only I hear what @Phoenix speaks but what he does.


I highly appreciate your decision. You are among the very few that do not belong to the fucking lemming group, thanks!

Signed 2 of 3-of-5



Just to let you all know: I’m not gone.
But I can’t contribute anything more to this farce.
Nu failed and not only economically.
Maybe it failed least economically.

Do you still believe the sponsor who paid for the Peershares development is an entity different from JordanLee?

Don’t you wonder why so few customers from NuLagoon complain? Do you think henry is someone different from JordanLee?

Does anyone think phoenix isn’t JordanLee?
JordanLee doesn’t need to provide accounting from the early days of Nu, but phoenix can play chief of liquidity whatsoever?

I gave a lot and more for the success of Nu.
I won’t give anything more.

If you want to make a provably JordanLee free fork (haha, how to prove that if nobody knows JordanLee?) that’s actually based on revenue, I would happily join with the same devotion and tireless efforts to make it succeed - just in case someone can make use of my abilities.

For the time being I’m watching from time to time.
But I’m not gone.


Again, another highly appreciated personality that is not a fucking lemming. This forum is getting better! Thanks @masterOfDisaster!

I’d love to see the party for Jordan Lee being over! I’ll spend the Champagne!

@mavo Can we please stay on topic? We have a number of other threads where you can discuss JordanLee.
Just trying to keep a bit of structure here for those who will have to plough through this later.

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Blind Auction NSR #3 will not begin until I’m provided with 7.2 M NSR.

Members of FLOT NSR Multisig #2 group have not signed or objected within their 36 hours of response time. We obviously need to restructure FLOT NSR.

@Phoenix sent me 7.2 M NSR. Auction will start soon.


signed 3 of 5



Note that I did not verify the transaction beyond very basic sanity checks; this is little more than a rubber stamp.
I do not guarantee any signing activity apart from migration, which I can only offer on a best-effort basis; please also arrange for a migration to a new multisig address excluding myself.


Thank you! We should figure out a new FLOT formation soon.

I returned the 7.2 M NSR @Phoenix sent me. The 0.2 M NSR have been sent to Poloniex.

Nu Blind Auction NSR #3 is live.

Thank you very much FLOT NSR for funding auction #3.

Looking forward to discussing that

FLOT members are allowed discretion. If they disapprove they should object (although this was not promised in their application for FLOT membership)

At the present time, liquidity in NSR is exceptional. We ought to take advantage of the opportunity by making 7 million additional NSR available on Poloniex. This will boost our reserves and our NuBit purchase program. FLOT NSR, will you transfer 7 million NSR to @jooize’s Poloniex deposit address, please?

Alternatively, I could fund @jooize’s Poloniex address as a regular practice (it is easier for me to do it), and have FLOT NSR top up my NSR address (SUrJhmYVeNThoG6oFWjY9pMawRJ3iCTHCq) to 20 or 25 million once it falls below 10 million. Which would FLOT NSR prefer?

@jooize @mhps @masterOfDisaster @dysconnect @cryptog


SELL ORDERS 42964769.46807655 NSR
BUY ORDERS 41.64500731 BTC
Due to the motion-authorized NSR sells + accrued number of traders selling?

It’s not the 7m @jooize had received 4h ago? I am OK with selling a Standard and auctioning a Standard in a week.

FLOT has shown that it worked well when the amount and time for the fund are known in advance by several days. If it can be agreed that every week a Standard is sold and a Standard is auctioned according to calculation on Saturday, then I see no problem for the FLOT to release the fund to the executioner in time.

I will trust @Phoenix more once he establishes track record by proving that he can handle funds responsibly and transparently (reglar accounting report).

I would like to hear from other FLOT members @jooize @mhps @masterOfDisaster @dysconnect @cryptog and shareholders in general.


Can’t track properly of who is doing what with how much – we need a real-time cashflow and accounting dashboard that is not corruptible.

That is basically what custodian addresses are for. A problem is that you have to rely on transaction records submitted by fund handler to know what happened in exchanges.