This is Your Final Chance to Purchase Shares. Teehe Funding Period Will End in Less Than 1 Day

I wanted to make a separate announcement thread for those who haven’t been following the main thread. The funding period for Teehe Sports Book & Casino is coming to an end very soon. You currently have less than 1 day to review the prospectus, business plan and FAQ and make your decision about whether to purchase Peershares in Teehe’s DAO.

Teehe will support Nu by creating the first real use for NuBits outside of speculation. It will also support Peercoin by distributing profits to shareholders in PPC. It will mark the 2nd major use of the Peershares template and open the way for more to come through the creation of a tool to easily create your own Peershares DAC/DAO.

I personally feel this would be a major boost to NuBits, Peercoin and Peershares. Their plan is well thought out and they’ve approached this whole thing in a very transparent and professional way. Everything I’ve seen has led me to believe it could end up being a huge success. Plus the fact that you have trusted people in our community like Peerchemist behind it.

The minimum amount needed to be raised is $90,000 and the last stated amount on March 25th was $44,149. It’s unknown what the total is currently at right now. Hopefully this final countdown will create some urgency. I’ve done my best to promote this over the last couple weeks on forums and through Peercoin’s Facebook and Twitter account. I see Nu has done the same through Twitter.

I hope others here will take it upon themselves in these last few days to spread word of Teehe in the same way and to people you believe will be interested. If we don’t get some extra help with promotion then it’s possible we won’t reach the fundraising goal and all this will have been for nothing. Let’s prevent that from happening and make this the success that it deserves to be! :smile:

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I’ve posted an altered version of Teehe’s FAQ on BitcoinTalk, /r/cryptocurrency, /r/peercoin and /r/bitcoin. Please check out each thread below and post some supportive comments if you can, thanks!

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About 2.5 days left now.

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About 1.5 days left now.

Funding will end in less than half a day. This is your final chance to purchase shares.

Where do you see that? indicates 0s left here at least.

For me it’s 12 hours 15 minutes left.

I m getting this: [IPO] Teehe - DAO sports book and casino based on Peershares