[IPO] Teehe - DAO sports book and casino based on Peershares

I think you may be misinterpreting what he said. I myself don’t sense any annoyance in his reply.

The IPO period has ended.

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The website still shows 6 1/2 hours?

not here at least.

This is strange. Has the count down turned to all zeros for you?


It shows 12 hours 16 minutes left for me.

hum…i ve got this:

Maybe Peerchemist can tell us what’s wrong.

We had to clean up the code the webdevs gave us. This appears to be another mistake on their part.

According to the prospectus the funding window ends at 24:00 UTC on April 1st

I see.

The managers of Teehe declare that this IPO is now terminated.
As stated in Prospectus document, IPO will be terminated before April 1st, 24:00 UTC.

IPO has failed as minimum of $90,000 was not pledged by investors.

We will start payback procedures within 12 hours, depending on manpower available and we expect to finish it within next 48 hours.

We have received a decent number of requests today as last minute request to participate, and they have all been declined. We are sorry if we did not answer to everyone with explanation and we consider this post a proper explanation for our declining.

  • Some statistics:

Total pledged and deposited funds stand at just under $60,000; also $3,000 authorized but not delivered and $4,800 offered but declined by the managers in last 48 hours.

Great majority of funds have been deposited in form of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin also experienced great loss of value during this period, sliding down from $290 to low of $236 endangering value of pledged funds.

Just under 30 persons have participated in this crowd funding.
Total number of inquires was not much larger, at about 45.
About 190 messages was exchanged with investors in private.
This forum has 134 comments and is second most viewed post on this forum of all time.

Even though we promised total anonymity, about 40% of applicants either used standard alias or provided more than enough information to deduct their identity.
Some applicants presented their real name.

It is guaranteed by the managers that no information will be leaked and all evidence will be destroyed after payback is complete.

We thank you all for supporting us and asking right questions. Thanks to those who doubted us for keeping the balance.

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I wonder if you lowered the barrier to entry if you would have made your goal. Do you plan on trying again in the near future?

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This is seriously disappointing. I hope there’s another way to get this done.

This is a real pitty… What’s going to happen with this Project? IPO failed, Teehe back into the drawer?

Good question.
Majority of applicants decided to stick with minimum deposit, and we have learned that is mostly due to lack of trust for this kind of fund raising. So we do not believe that lowering barrier would help it succeed.

We can only state that this fund raising was 100% success as marketing stunt.
However we have decided that we will not disclose any information about the project, at least not in due future.

That is a pity.

What are the reasons for this failure?
Possible reasons:

  • not enough solid business plan
  • not enough marketing efforts
  • not enough communication with the interested individuals
  • not enough transparency
  • not enough interest from people at this stage
  • bad timing.

What ever the reason is, I believe that it was a nice try and I thank the Teehe project members for their time.
I still believe the project is promising and would create a substantial demand for NuBits.
I wish you could do it again after improving where it needs to be improved if you judge there is such improvement to do.

90% of deposits have been send back to investors.

Remaining will be processed in next 24 hours.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you notice any issues.

Thank you.

Paybacks are now processed in full.

We ask moderator to lock this topic.

Thank you.

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