The PeerAssets Protocol (on Peercoin) Will Replace Peershares & Potentially Nu as Well. Come Join Us

Many of you here (including myself) originally came here from Peercoin hoping for a network where we had more say in matters through fair voting and because we had a unique product to sell that could be highly useful to people in the form of a dollar pegged cryptocurrency. I had high hopes for this network and everything it was trying to accomplish.

However it has become clear to me now that we were all being played and taken advantage of. Nu has been one big lie since the very beginning and we all fell for it. The whole thing is one big scam designed to cheat people out of their money, both NuBit holders and NuShare holders. Phase 1 of the scam was a success for JordanLee/Phoenix. Now with the money he earned from phase 1, he was able to purchase a majority stake in the network and can do whatever he wants, while pretending shareholders still have a say by publicly asking them to vote for his motions and grants. He’s putting on a show for anyone looking in from the outside who doesn’t understand our history.

He is now preparing for phase 2. Restore a peg that he crashed on purpose. Treat himself to massive NuShare bonuses for restoring the peg so he can expand his control over the network even further than it is now. Introduce multiple new products that he can then use to scam an even greater number of people with. I don’t know where the end point for this scam lies or how far he thinks he can take it, but it will most likely end with currency holders and minority shareholders losing all their money. If millions of dollars in new currency are sold, most of those millions can go straight to Jordan via the dividend mechanism. He most likely wants to expand operation as far as possible before he takes profit.

I can’t be part of this anymore and I plead with those of you who are still involved (especially if you are public with your identity) to wake up and realize what is going on here and the fact that Phoenix is not your friend. He is using all of you to get what he wants and you may be held responsible as an accomplice for what happens in the end. Leave now while you still can.

Come back to Peercoin where nobody is trying to manipulate or scam you. Check out what we’re doing with the PeerAssets protocol. It is being designed as a replacement for Peershares, except all DAOs will work under the existing Peercoin network. It started out as a simple protocol for asset issuance, voting and dividends, but has morphed into something far greater. You’ll be able to create any rules you want with the PA protocol, allowing something like Nu or B&C to be recreated on top of Peercoin or any other type of DAO that you want.

For those of you who still believe Nu could be done correctly by supporting only USD pairs without involving BTC, it can most likely be done with PeerAssets and without the destructive influence of JordanLee/Phoenix. Even rules for parking rates and other advanced things can be written. One of our developers (hrobeers) is actually going to create a DAO that uses proof-of-stake on the assets themselves, all on top of Peercoin. Separate Peershare networks will no longer be necessary, especially the funding it costs to keep each network’s protocol updated. The main Peercoin developers will take care of protocol updates, while asset creators can focus entirely on managing their DAOs. And each DAO created on top of Peercoin will make the overall network more useful and valuable, as well as the fact that any asset transactions will cost Peercoin in fees, working as a deflationary force on the money supply.

There is no reason for you to stay here and continue to be abused by JordanLee/Phoenix. Come back to Peercoin where we now have active development, a complete rebranding of our logos/websites and soon the ability to create your own DAOs on top of the chain. Check out, where most discussion happens nowadays. The peercointalk forum still needs to be rebranded and the forum software needs to be upgraded, so check out instead. Search for and join the #peerassets channel and one of the developers can help answer any of your questions.


@Ben, please remove my moderator privileges.

@Sentinelrv great post!

Besides Peercoin, what other cyptocurrency communities is everyone involved in these days?


I see one person has made the jump. Anybody else? We will welcome you with open arms, whether you’re new or returning from before Nu came into the picture.

@Yurizhai, I’m personally not involved in anything else. I was in Peercoin, Nu and B&C. I’ve considered my NuShares and BlockShares lost now and even if the price rises I will most likely sell them all. So I’m back to only owning Peercoin now. We haven’t seen you in a long time. It would be great to have you back with us. I promise things have changed. There is enthusiasm in the air again and it’s contagious! :grinning:

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thought you left…

Not before I at least make an attempt to bring some of my old Peercoin brothers back with me. I don’t know how long you’ve been with Nu, but a lot of us here have years of history together before coming to Nu. I’m trying to show those specific people that it’s worth it to come back to where they started out at, considering all the good stuff we’ve got going on now.

This is kinda like that scene from Jerry Maguire

Excuse me for caring about the financial success of friends that I’ve known and have been working with for the past 3-4 years.

I wouldn’t consider it proper etiquette to shill Peercoin in a Nu forum let alone make a dedicated Forum topic for it.

Anyways… Nushares are up 12% since the time of your tantrum, so keep doing what your doing.

This entire community originally came from Peercoin. If it was any other coin I was talking about I would agree with you, but most of us here have prior history together before Nu ever came along, so they know what I’m talking about.

I don’t care. There are more important things than price speculation.

But your worried about your brothers financial successes, aren’t you? If they would have sold and left for Peercoin when they listened to you they would have missed out on a 12% rise. Thats not exactly sound financial advice.

The reality of the situation on a broader scope is that Nubits has restored its peg. It’s doing what it was designed to do. Nushares trading volume has increased exponentially since the restoration and price has risen 68% in less than two months and continues to steadily rise. On top of these successes, there is STILL ongoing development with Nu thanks to some very talented developers. This can’t be said for half of the coins listed on Poloniex. I agree, Nu isn’t a perfect system and there are some things that need attention. But things certainly aren’t as dark and grim as some folks here like to make them out to be.

If you want to leave, go ahead. But try to do it with some dignity.

What I’m interested in and I believe others here are interested in is not day to day price speculation, but investing in something solid with a strong foundation and community, a coin that has its fundamentals and economic properties in order. I want to help create something real and lasting. This phony pump and dump culture filled with cloned networks that are full of hot air and marketing doesn’t interest me in the least. I want to support something that will last years to come.

Also, I did not ask anyone to sell their shares. I don’t expect anyone to sell at a loss when there is a good chance they will be able to sell higher in the near future. The people who I’m talking to most likely still own Peercoin, but just haven’t been active in the community for a long time because of their involvement with Nu. Even I said I would most likely hold my shares until later on after the new products have been sold and the NSR price is higher. However, I no longer view Nu as something with a solid foundation as I described above, and thus any gains will eventually be wiped out as the system collapses yet again.

I’ve been here since the very beginning and was one of Nu’s strongest supporters. Ask anyone here. I even put together Nu’s entire history for newcomers located on the docs page so they could quickly learn about the system and get involved. This used to be one of the most active forums in crypto. Now it’s a dead zone filled with alt Jordan Lee accounts. People no longer trust the creator or the system. Now that people have realized what Nu is, most of them have left it behind and moved on to other things without saying a word. They simply vanished.

I’m not keen on vanishing into the night. I want it to be known why I left. I cannot in good conscience continue to publicly support a system which has no solid foundation to continue pegging operations long-term. Without any kind of revenue stream, it is simply a matter of time before pegging operations run out of funds. Even a 100% reserve will slowly be drained over time without a solid revenue stream. It is simply not sustainable.

Introduce a real revenue stream that actually works and I’ll take back some of what I said. However, even with a solid revenue stream, Jordan’s controlling stake in the network can’t be ignored. No monetary system should have that much control in the hands of one person. Even if Nu had a perfect system and business model, its current share distribution now precludes it from being considered a serious investment, much less a trustless crypto network. It’s over for Nu.

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Well, I knew this from 2014, and I knew the crisis will come sooner or later, but I’m still here.
Untill you develope a hayek system, the B&C is still the nearest one to my dream.

For a coin, fixed supply is disgusting, both PPC and BTC are shit money although we can gamble/speculate on shit price.

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I cannot agree more.

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Couldn’t agree more. Problem with Nu is obvious.
I will follow Sentinelrv’s move.

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If not money, Peercoin can find its use as a way to host DAOs, which will give the network a whole new purpose. Also, I specifically asked our developer hrobeers if he thought B&C Exchange was possible to create as a DAO using PeerAssets and he said from my explanation of it, he couldn’t see anything that was impossible to do. So it should be possible to implement your Hayek Coin with PeerAssets.

Great, I’ll join you if you are going to issue a hayek type currency.


Someone would need to figure out how to do it once the protocol is finalized. I know there was talk of it a couple days ago in chat, but I’m not sure of anyone yet that will try to focus on a project like that. All I’m aware of is that it should be possible to do.

I’ve initiated a discussion in a dedicated channel at regarding a crypto coin ETF.

In the Peercoin forum is a post about it:
It’s close to what I proposed here already. But the heads of Nu are too busy scamming people to even evaluate it thoroughly.

I’m well aware that this crypto coin ETF is not the good money Hayek had in mind, but it’s less volatile than BTC, more volatile than USD and may retain more of its buying power than USD.
It could be a step on the way towards good money. May somebody make a better one!