Spotted: who's working where for NuBits success!

This thread is meant to bring praise to all Nu network enthusiasts who deliberately promote the Nu concept. I encourage you to post your observations here, as we cannot keep track of everything that is going on in the surrounding. I was really surprised to see @Cybnate in this seeminglesly unrelated topic, but there she was with her comment:

“Don’t want to plug altcoins just for the sake of it, but I think it is
relevant as it is a problem for many charities accepting cryptocoins
without payment providers converting it immediately to fiat and charging for that service. Maybe they should convert those donations to NuBits ( It is far better suited for that purpose as it is stable and pegged to the US dollar and can be easily converted. Remaining challenge is that it still needs to be converted to fiat when they need to pay the people providing the services. But that is still no different than with BTC.”


Great idea for people to promote NuBits and then share it here.

One clarification, Cybnate is female.


Male, female - who cares? @Cybnate is great!
That’s what counts, lady @Sentinelrv :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, caught in action. Hope the charities are also reading it.

My apology @Cybnate, usually I’m more cautious when referring to gender in online conversation :smile: Text corrected. Thank you for your contribution to Nu and for being inspiration to others :smile: I agree that charities can benefit from cryptocurrencies, recently I started to participate in meetings of a NGO called TechKlub, it’s actually a part of ESER PIONIER, TechKlub is focused on bringing new technology to serve NGOs.

I was happy to light up their interest in cryptocurrencies, last month we had a meeting regarding crowdfunding in general (, besides the guests I had a chance to talk about benefits of cryptocurrencies on the example of Safello Bitcoin donation campaign. There were some issues connected with volatility and legal matters, but those were interesting questions. NuBits solve the volatility problem, but for local NGOs it’s still a niche product, same as other cryptocurrencies, as people are used to donations is cash or through standard banking. One argument appealing to NGOs is the fact of micropayments and lower handling fees (if you want to donate 1 Polish Zloty/approx. 0,3 USD/ the bank will charge 0,5 Zloty for the money transfer).

The next meeting is totally focused on cryptocurrencies :slight_smile: I’ll be one of the main speakers, we’re also having a presentation by the Warsaw Bitcoin Embassy ( I’m planning to present NuBits. It would be great if someone could make a 3-5 minutes long video that presents NuBits, I’ll translate it and add subtitles in Polish, this would be a great addition to “lectures”. I can talk about NBT but it would be a sort of an attraction to play a movie made by a Nu community member :slight_smile: This is the place of the meeting- Centre for Innovation and Transfer of Technology (

Oh great call. I think it may be easier to create a slideshow first. If the slideshow is good it could easily be adapted to an informative video. I’ll see if I can start something on the side.

That’s superb, I might do it myself, but it’s of greater value if such materials are created nearer the “source”, by other community members. The meeting takes place on the 5th of November, so there is some time left. Here are some pictures of our recent meeting, the one regarding crowdfunding, at our local coworking space

Today I’m giving a lecture/presentation about cryptocurrencies to a bunch of students who run startups at our local university:

I’ll be going from Bitcoin, through altcoins to NuBits, I’m curious to see their reaction to Nu network, I’ll give you an update if any interesting observations or comments are made.

@thExit , please give us a report of how it goes! Will it be recorded in any way? We’d love to build an archive of cryptoasset-focused presentations and make them available to the public.

If the students are interested in any follow-up, we can put together resources to meet their needs.

Here’s a link to the “event” (, out of 20 startups 6 have shown up, which was as expected as they operate in various tech fields. The meeting was great with people showing tons of interest, especially about “where to get cryptocurrency from” and “how can I use it now that I have it”.

It wasn’t recorded, as it was a kind of test run, I took the chance to see how my presentation works out, as in two weeks time together with TechKlub and Ambasada Bitcoin Warszawa we’ll be hosting a bigger meeting devoted to cryptocurrencies. I mentioned this earlier in this topic, and it would be great to have some sort of materials about NuBits, a slideshow as proposed by @CoinGame or a movie presenting the idea, I need it in advance so I can translate it into Polish. The cryptocommunity in my city is almost non-existent, but it’s time to change it:)

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Ah I forgot about that. Maybe I’ll start one on Google docs and open it up to contributors. Then others can add suggestions. I’m not the best at those types of materials but I can at least get it started and get some help in revising it.

This is a great idea, let’s set a deadline for gathering materials at the last day of the month. I saw a video being mentioned in a different thread (NuBits Marketing), it also may come helpful.

That video will most likely not be ready by the time of your conferences, but I will try to get a presentation of slides started.

We’re still in the process of animating it and don’t yet have a firm estimate for a completion date. I agree the video would be awesome to have for these types of events - hopefully it will be done for any future events.

So how did it work out? I’m so curious!
Great that you did that presentation anyway :+1:
I’m glad that you joined the Nu/Peercoin community!

So I’ve started a presentation on Google docs. Mind you i’m probably not the best person to be making stuff like this but I wanted to break the ground because I think it would be useful for many people to spread the word.

The document is open for comments, so you can leave advice on the page. Needs a lot of work, but it’s something to start with. I’ll be updating it more later.

mOD, you’re one of the dedicated backers who convinced me about the worth of Peercoin and the idea behind it, Nu is an extension of the concept. It’s great to deal with smart people working on a potentially revolutionary project :slight_smile: The potential is here 4 sure. I’m amazed with the work of the core team and the devs who created the Nu network and, by the NuShares and the voting mechanism, have put the future of Nu into the hands of us.

As for the presentation, I see where I need to stick more to the merit, not to deviate from the main points, at times it’s luring especially when your public drives you towards a different topic. I was speaking in front of people who had the first or second contact with cryptocurrencies, I went from the basics of Bitcoin and block chain, the advantages, through altcoins like Peercoin, Litecoin, Next, Ripple, Next, towards practical applications for micropayments, banking, creating assets and smart contracts, decentralized applications, Internet of Things, and particular companies like Beam, Gems, Storj, the concept of NuBits, and at the end I was proud that my listeners were able to keep up :slight_smile: This clearly shows that there is interest in cryptocurrencies, it just need to be stimulated.

As for the Nu video or other materials, I can compose myself whatever is needed, but as I said, for the meeting that we’re organizing, the real value is not only in presenting the concept, but in creating content that stems right out of the source, from the dev team or the community, so I can show in front of the gathered people something that was created just for them :slight_smile: I’m happy with your response and I’m sure that even with slides and whatever can be contributed, this will be a good starting point.

@thExit thank you very much for your kind words, although this worries me:

Don’t let someone convince you; get the facts, evaluate the facts, discuss, convince yourself :wink:

But I can wholeheartedly second this:

That’s what brought me to Peercoin and made me stay there. Both the community and the devs are extraordinarily smart - and I have visited other communities, but didn’t stay there…
Knowing that Nu is not only technically based on Peercoin, but shares some of the devs were the main reasons that drew my attention to Nu and made me spend some time here as well!

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:slight_smile: You’re right, wrong choice of words, it should go like this […]one of the dedicated backers who pointed me towards information that convinced me about the worth of Peercoin and the idea behind it, Nu is an extension of the concept.[…]

Nu feels like home :wink: