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A happy NuBits user:

"I turn my bitcoins into nubits relatively fast too, at least when the price of bitcoin is not rising at the moment. It is still safer having a fixed value of usd (Nubits are worth 1 usd all the time) than risking to lose your income through bitcoin price dropping. Which happened lately.

I prefer nubits instead of letting fiat lying on exchanges since exchanges are a risk. My own nubit wallet isn’t so much a risk."

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I love how that conversation ended at “this is impossible but nubits are already doing it. But i like eth anyway.”




ELI5: What is the utility of NBT ?
What can I do with NBTs today ?
What is the vision behind NBT adoption ?





Does anyone have any contact or relationship with the nubitsjapan twitter user? I have seen posts consistently from that user over many months.

Google Translate is helpful, and this individual seems to be a strong advocate and seems to interact with many contacts. The proposition of NBT-JP emerged in a recent Twitter conversation.


This is one of my accounts.


Oh, too funny.

Well I appreciate the effort to reach out to other spheres. Thank you!

In the interactions you have had, what’s your perception on the value of NBT-JP? CNY, EUR have their draw due to size, but is there a different or stronger draw to Nu by the users of the Yen currency?


Good question. Well i am based out of Japan and it seems that half of the japanese crypto enthusiasts ignore nubits because they do not understand how it works, half of it think it is very useful for trading virtually btc/usd . A portion of that half think nubit or (bitusd) is the only way to go for commerce.
So i am sure jp-nbt will be much appreciated.


Sounds like he’s looking for Nu


Heh, i posted on that yesterday. All the other responses in that thread are super cynical.




What about Nu?