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Bring it. I tried to work with them, now they want to compete? Bring it, we’ll mop the floors with them.


Nice catch!
Not only because it tells us something about BitShares, but about Nu and this community as well.

CoinHoarder has such a hard time explaining the obvious that I’d like to say I feel pity for him, but refrain from that, because it could make me sound like an arrogant smartass.

It’s good to see, that Nu on the other hand has done so much so good from the start (kudos to JordanLee!) and improved all that desperately needed improvement (NSR grants, decentralized liquidity, hedging BTC volatility still under construction, but being tackled) and seems to never stop improving (flow between tiers in the decentralized liquidity provision, etc.).

There have been controversial topics (e.g. the discussion about open sourcing the code), but my perception is that after a discussion has come to an end and has been settled by a voting, all are on the same side, even those who were on the opposite side before the voting.

There’s so much unity here, but no brown-nosing.
There’s so much discussion, but rarely conflicts.
There’s so much cleverness, bu no pride.

I really love this community!


I agree – Mature, intelligent, progressive, open-minded discussion feeding a self-improving DAC


Which one of you speaks Russian?


Google does! :wink:


I read a translation of it. The details remained ambiguous. There are some sentences that start out one way, and then seem to contradict themselves.


nubitsov NBT!


From 16:22, the MakerDAO (stablecoin on ethereum) developer says quite “vaguely” that basically they are taking the NuBits model, but with 2 differences:

  • it will be more distributed: they are trying to build a mechanism so that it is not just a handful of shareholders issuing the stablecoins –
  • the peg will be to the SDR


Charles Hoskinson: "There needs to be a DAO that integrates into the core protocol that provides a framework to discuss and implement BIPs as well as cover their associated costs of implementation. "


The De-Throning of Bitcoin: If It Happens, This Will Be Why


For some TL;DW:

1- scale blocksize to meet demand (check)

2- accelerated decision-making process / governance (check)

3- human-readable addresses (opportunity)

4- (near-)instant confirmations (better than bitcoin but still an opportunity)

5- incentive to run full nodes / maximal decentralization (hmmm… maybe tied to #4 in an innovative way?)

Currency stability was not on the list.

Nu comes close on a lot of these. Where there are gaps, there may be opportunities – as in the ability to generate additional revenue. If (paid-for) aliases were part of the core functionlaity, that could bring in additional revenue. Offering faster confirmation – also a revenue opportunity.


This would be cool to have. I imagine Nu having something similar to an email address, which can use a customized name. This would make it a lot easier for people to send NuBits, as people could just remember their deposit address name.



NuBits shows that there is market demand for fractional reserve but liquid Smartcoin offerings.




Methods of growing your Bitcoin?
Trading BTC <-> NBT pair


I made a comment.



Interesting discussion on bitcointalk on the pros and cons of decentralized exchanges, B&C Exchange vs BitShares.
The DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Thread (January 24)