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we could fund and make a video about NU the DAO.



Didn’t see this coming. Another instance of Nu (or maybe a fork of Nu?) powers internet of things direct sales system.

Core dev Jiangtao Gu on an expo introducing Duoduo system which

Why an Ethereum based DAO won't outcompete us

Where do u see Nu involved?


I remember reading from peercointalk that duoduo’s last invention was peershare based. the current dual-coin system, if described like nbt/nsr which is a peershares implementation, probably is nbt/nsr.


Any relationship with ?

Two active speakers plus subwoofer
3.5mm connector + headphone socket. Works with computers, gaming consoles, phones etc

£18 cash, buyer collects (or £17 if paying with dash or peercoin, 24.66 USD if paying with nubits)


I don’t think bitcoin could “die” per say but I think we could see some very interesting market bubbles and crashes in the next few years.
Their are other crypto currencies that are far more suitable for storing wealth in, nuBits being a prime example of this.

Crypto is here to stay, however which one will come out on top shall be left for only time to tell.



Someone in there is accusing us of downvoting comments about Ethereum. While there is no evidence given, I would hope that anybody here refrains from downvoting comments just because they’re promoting our competition. For example, I only upvoted the NuBits comments and that’s it. That type of behavior is not only wrong, but it puts the Nu community in a bad light. I don’t believe we’re the type of people that censor others and I hope this person is wrong.


It is a pity that reddit doesn’t show who is upvoting or downvoting somewhere. That would quickly find the culprit. I’m sure the moderators can see this, maybe we should ask them?


No witch hunts plz


I would not call it a witch hunt. I just don’t like people hiding beyond anonymity and not fronting up for bad behaviour. I would call them cowards.


I doubt this community is big enough to effectively “censor” by downvoting other comments.
It swould still be a pity if even single people were acting this way.
I’d feel ashamed by it…


I don’t know how reddit works, but since it provides the downvoting, we cannot blame people using it!


We can blame them for the reasons :stuck_out_tongue:



I was talking to Fuznuts from the Bitshares community about our multi-tiered liquidity model and he invited us to attend a hangout in order to talk more about it. Fuznuts is the person I worked with to setup the previous interview between Daniel Larimer and Sunny King, if you remember it…

Is a hangout audio, video or text chat? Because of the anonymous nature of NuShareholders, anything else other than text might be difficult. What do you guys think?


Like google hangouts? Those usually can do audio video and/or text. Got a link?