Spot an Opportunity to Promote Nu? Post a Link in Here!

If any of you spot an opportunity to mention Nu or educate people, please post a link to it here in this thread so the community can be aware of it and collectively help to spread the word. This could be anything from a news article about volatility or people on Reddit asking questions about Nu or talking about volatility. Maybe you don’t know the answer to somebody’s question, or maybe you do know the answer, but would like others here to help back you up.

NOTE: Feel free to make your own threads as well. I don’t want to discourage people from posting new threads about news articles.

A problem with the Peercoin community is that we don’t actively engage others in comments as much as we should, while other communites do. I feel doing this can help raise awareness of NuNet. Feel free to use the following education and marketing tools in your posts as well. The marketing video was especially designed for this purpose, so let’s use it as much as possible. Let me know if there are other tools I should add to the list below.

Education & Marketing Tools:


Example 1:

Here is somebody asking about how NuBits/NuShares works in /r/bitcoin. It was brought up because of the comments Bill Gates recently made about Bitcoin’s volatility…

Example 2:

Here is an article in which NuBits was mentioned. It could maybe use some more comments…

Dat post!

Commented. Glad this thread is already coming in handy. Everyone should check it from time to time, help make some comments and spread the word.

Is it just me or has Tom’s thread vanished from /r/cryptocurrency?

It looks like it has been deleted by Tom - or at least Tom’s reddit account:

I haven’t touched it. I still see it in my user summary, but not in /r/cryptocurrency

Looks like the mods might have deleted it.

That’s strange.
I might be biased, but it appeared to be an information about something that /r/cryptocurrency readers could be interested in.
Bringing the amazing (because the vote passed insanely fast) NSR holders into focus of people who don’t know what to think about NuBits would have been nice, though…
Anyway - those who are interested in the Nu network and follow its development will find that information.

TomJoad, I messaged CapR, who is a moderator on both /r/peercoin and /r/cryptocurrency. Here is what he said…

"It received 2 reports from /r/CryptoCurrency readers. If any post receives 2 or more reports, it will be removed by the automoderator. I think it should probably be raised to 3 reports instead. I will bring it up with the rest of the mods.

The NuBits post looks legit so I’ll re-approve it."

The post is now listed again on the subreddit, though it’s farther down the list. I’ll give you 1 guess as to which group of people reported it. This might be their new strategy to silence us, hopefully not though. Anyway, in case you see a post in your thread by automoderator and the thread is removed, PM the mods at /r/cryptocurrency as soon as you can so they can reinstate the thread.

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I leave my tinfoil hat where it is, but I admit that your presumptive guess might be closer to reality than to conspiracy theories.
I’m glad that the post is still on page 1.
It might be necessary to track such posts to be able to react quicker in case they disappear…

Of course I have no proof, so I’m not saying definitively that they did it, but it is a possibility. Anyway, I agree that we should watch these posts closer and talk to the mods in case they go missing.

Thanks @Sentinelrv, I see the post back up. Being heard in public forums will be a challenge in the short-term, but as long as we keep growing we’ll be fine in the long run.

and the related reddit post:

Oh man, they had to put Bytemaster’s blog post on there. I guess it’s good that we at least got covered. We’ll just have to prove him wrong over time.

That’s how propaganda works - welcome to the war of stable crypto currencies.
That blog post is well done by Bytemaster - the link still reads “”, although the title was changed to “NuBits is structured like a Ponzi Scheme”.
I wonder how many people tend to believe this propaganda.

One could be tempted to sue him because of false allegations - but who could that be? :wink:

The anonymous way the DAC Nu is structured allows Propagandamaster Bytemaster to slingshot mud without the need to fear a legal backlash.

I hate it.

It’s clear BitUSD isn’t being meaningfully used by anyone and isn’t much of a competitor. Our website got some great traffic after Dan’s last blog post, so we can only hope he continues telling people to look at our design. Nobody outside his padded community takes him very seriously.

TomJoad, I think the whitepaper should be modified in parts to talk about NuBits burning (also the FAQs). Right now it is the same when we initially released and anybody new reading it that hasn’t also read the forum will get the impression we all originally did, that interest rates will inevitably cause us to lose control of the peg. If we add in some edits about NuBits for NuShares burning, that should help alleviate people’s concerns. If we don’t update it, they may not continue their reading into the forum and just stop at the whitepaper. What do you think? Can Jordan add something in like this?

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Updating the whitepaper is crucial if we want to be able to convince at least those who are interested in the background of the design of NuBits.

While the words of Daniel Larimer have been wisely chosen to discredit one of the strongest competitors, the technical aspects of his analysis haven’t been completely wrong - until the NBT burning has been decided by the NSR holders who voted for it.

And that was given the speed with that the motion to introduce burning the vast majority!

This is another aspect that could be highlighted when creating an update of or addendum to the whitepaper: it’s of the utmost importance for NSR holders to keep the peg! This is no longer a hope, it’s the declared will of NSR holders!

One way to handle posts like that of Dan would be to analyze their system and highlight their flaws (e.g. the risk of a collapsing market). But I agree with @JordanLee and others that it’s better to be constructive in the own area than trying to be destructive in others’ areas (the last two lines are the most important ones in my opinion).
Off the record: it might be tempting to hit a bully in the face. But that only makes you a bully, too.

I will not modify the white paper in any way unless @JordanLee specifically instructs me to do so.

I’ve added a paragraph to

As of January 2015, a motion has been passed that will enable NuShare custodians and NuBits burning transactions. An important goal of the Nu network is to transfer the speculative risk of owning NuBits onto NuShareholders as much as possible. This successful motion will allow NuShareholders the ability to grant new NuShares to custodians who promise to burn a certain number of NuBits. This will strengthen the network’s ability to control the number of NuBits in circulation and maintain peg stability in periods of modest demand declines.

I’ve also added the same paragraph, along with a mention of variable transaction fees, as an FAQ entry entitled “Can the supply of NuBits be reduced?”:

We’ll do a more rigorous explanation of the burning process on once it is complete and implemented in the protocol.

Does the above wording work for you guys?

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