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nice :wink: but somehow inexact in many ways :!

NuBits brings an interesting selling point (somewhat literally) to the altcoin marketplace. Instability among altcoins has been one of their main drawbacks, and NuBits hence uses automatic bot trading to steady the price, ensuring 1 NBT equals 1 USD.

Building out the requisite infrastructure to make international remittances as cost-effective in NBT as with Bitcoin may take some time, but the removal of the conversion headache with the dollar can hardly be underestimated.

I don’t see it being that inaccurate, what do you think is off target?

  1. they use the term instability to mean volatility.
  2. they claim “instability” to be a problem among altcoins (therefore excluding btc)
  3. automatic trading bot is not the only mechanism to mention, rather is the control of the supply that should be mentioned in an article as that. And dividing the equity token from the transactional unit, and parking, interest rates, dividends, liquidity provisions, voting,burning …

I’ve added my comment, nice find @CoinGame.

I think the first two are a bit nitpickey, but yeah I doubt the author really dug deep into any of the projects. It’s nice the get listed though.

This article deals with “Hayek-Style Cybercurrency” and the current implementation of Nu is close to what the author, Kevin Dowd, describes.


And this is effectively close to what @Benjamin proposed in his brilliant thread “Some Suggestions To Eliminate Peg Maintenance Expenditures”

Rational expectations would then come into play to stabilize the price of coins during
each period. If the price of coins were to go below $1 during any such
period, it would be profitable to take a bullish position in coins, go
long, and profit when the quantity adjustments at the end of the period
pushed the price back up to $1. Conversely, if the price of coins were
to go above $1 during that period, then it would be profitable to take a
bear position and sell or short coins to reap a profit at the end of
that period, when the quantity adjustments would push the price back
down to $1.[/quote]

Why am I writing all this?
The author seems to be well-informed, the article is well-written, using references and Kevin Dowd is presented as “an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a professor of finance and economics at Durham University in England. Dowd has written extensively on the history and theory of free banking/private money, central banking, financial regulation, and commodity monetary systems.”

It might not help getting the desired attention spamming comments at the end of that article which is already close to two weeks old.

Getting in contact with Kevin Dowd, informing him about Nu hoping that he finds that interesting might be worth the efforts.
It could be he just haven’t heard about Nu so far…

@tomjoad, what do you think of this? Could this be worth writing him an email or a comment?



D’oh! I should have read the comments…
…buy anyway the assertion that there is fluctuation based on charts from coingecko can hardly aligned with the liquidity at 1 USD provided by pools.
It’s just like selling you 1 USD for 0.9 USD or 1.10 USD (you wouldn’t want to do the latter) and claiming that USD fluctuates.
USD doesn’t fluctuate relatively to the level the issuer is guaranteeing and that’s (so far) true for NBT as well.

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Bitfinex was hacked (again). This is a good thread to write about B&C Exchange:

My first comment:

B&C Exchange is another decentralized exchange that is in fundraising. It has raised about $95,000 out of $200,000 required. It will allow trading between native blockchains and offers cryptoequity to its owners in the form of BlockShares (which can earn Bitcoin dividends from trading fees on the exchange).


I hope a few readers will choose to support our project. These centralized exchange failings will occur forever.

Now is a great time to highlight the need for decentralized exchanges like B&C Exchange.


Bitcointalk is down though. How will people get more info?

Sadly the link to ends in limbo at the moment, because was hacked as well.
B&C Share Sales Have Been Stuck Between 45-48% for the Past Several Days. We Need to Boost Awareness of the Sale by Purchasing Direct Advertisements on Coinmarketcap and Reddit

Hopefully the downtime won’t be too much longer.

This bitcointalk thread titled ‘Methods of growing your Bitcoin’ is begging to be informed about how Bitcoin can be used in our liquidity pools.

“a little to complicated for me…” ~winspiral

I posted a link in /r/Bitcoin explaining the NuDroid wallet here:

Unfortunately, the body of the post apparently appears as “” for other users besides myself. It seems like I’m being censored for some reason. Perhaps others can try and see if the text body shows up.

It says removed. Are Bitcoiners that paranoid about competing technologies? The best option may be to advertise on Reddit. I don’t see that thread getting upvoted even if it wasn’t censored.

All I can think is that the link to the Google Play store caused an auto-delete somehow. I messaged the moderators requesting clarification.

In this case, NuDroid isn’t even a competing product - it’s a way Bitcoin users can pay with Bitcoin in a stable way.

Did you post it on r/cryptocurrency? They’re way cooler about stuff. r/bitcoin won’t upvote us anyway, they’re for the birds.

True, it would be better to post it there, but it would also be great if the r/bitcoin mods got back to him. Let us know if you post it in r/cryptocurrency.

In this thread I created about Sunny King’s comments last week, I got into a small discussion with somebody about NuBits. They’re convinced our model will fail. I’m posting this here in case @Nagalim or somebody wants to respond to him. Also it’s important that we take outside feedback like this into consideration in case they have a point. Living in our own bubble is not helpful…

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