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Thread on the open source motion…


I have a feeling I’m about to get blasted by Rune because of my response to him. It seems to be a pattern…


Best to avoid protracted arguments. I link the relevant material each time and move on.



I’ve already chimed in, but if anyone else would like to fill out more info feel free.


Here is a post from CoinGame on the open source motion passing…


Looks like this post has been deleted from reddit…


I took it down. I’ll have a response as to why shortly.


Trying to make an educated guess I’d say that you withdrew the post because you were aware of the fact that the motion had not passed yet:

Looks like the there have been blocks with multiple motion hashes “6f361693a7b248730b41d4292f89dc6f6f166bc8” that were counted as multiple votes.
I wonder whether that was a mistake or done on purpose but I bet we won’t find out.


A very educated and accurate guess. Hopefully the motion continues to be supported and we can pass it within a few days.



Yet another negative post by nbtking…


NuBits briefly mentioned by Brian Crain (@Crainbf) in podcast about sidechains with Adam Beck and Gregory Maxwell.

The idea of this stable cryptocurrencies, well it’s very attractive but so far there are no implementations, although some people told me this NuBits thing but I haven’t looked into it

I sent Brian a tweet with a link to our white paper.


Wow, didn’t now about Brian so far.

And he lives in Berlin. Very nice.


@tomjoad if you post a thread like this on Reddit, you should let us all know so it doesn’t get downvoted into oblivion like this one has. We can provide you backup and upvoting. Just don’t ask for upvotes, since it’s against the rules, but you can still let us know about the thread…


I see 2 upvotes for a 100% upvote ratio on that post so far. I don’t think anyone is actively suppressing it at the moment. I’ll try and post in this thread more often though.


You may be right, but when I posted my comment here your thread was halfway down the page already, so I assumed it got downvoted.