CoinJar to put brakes on Bitcoin volatility



there is a thread that is called " Spot an Opportunity to Educate People About Nu? Post a Link in Here! " and I believe this sort of stuff belong there.

Spot an Opportunity to Promote Nu? Post a Link in Here! .

while I appreciate being always up to date with latest news, it is my opinion that a discussion group should limit (if not zero) the amount of new threads that only contains an URL.

I am not a big fun of community rules or netiquettes but links-only posts are more reddit style. What is other’s people opinion on this?


I agree. Any link provided should at a minimum explain why it is relevant to Nu, or what broader crypto issue it is addressing. How can we codify that? Do we have a rules or guidelines post somewhere?


I am fine with those one-link posts as long as it is in the Lounge category otherwise what is the purpose of the Lounge (a place to relax and have fun --> should not be considered as serious as other categories)? and as long as it is relevant to Nu in general.
Those posts can spark good debate.


Right now it is pretty much only @crypto_coiner that does it, it seems… If we have more members doing it i think we should codify.