Secure Paper Wallet of NSR/NBT

With Malwares, Keyloggers, PC malfunction, storage hazard, one’s NSR/NBT is not safe.

Could anybody advise step by step how to securely dump one’s NSR/NBT (or export the keys) onto paper with BIP38 encryption (or other sort of security) ?
Has actually done this successfully? and tested thoroughly?

This began the conversation, open ended.

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The link mentioned in OP is not clickable.

I think one of the way (with no encryption) is to dump the private key but you need to specify the address (public key).
The issue is how to make sure that you have all the nubits or nushares in the specified address.
I think you need to send all your balance into one of the receiving addresses.

1 Like has supported NuBits for a while. The instructions on the page are fairly detailed.


Because I am paranoid, I would like it to be tested or certified by Nu or the Nubits community.
Or perhaps I could test it mysef with small amounts? how to test it without involving real money?

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I believe @woolly_sammoth has tested it. He was the one to encourage the wessite developer to add NuBits.

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But that does not support NuShares [that is more important than NuBits, at this time], does it?

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NuBippy seems to rock - great software indeed (encrypts and decrypts BIP 38 private keys)

In my case I have my NSRs scattered over more than 30 addresses.
I would like to create an encrypted paper wallet that would contain all my NSRs.
Since I would like to mint with all of them and since I would like to avoid the fuss to create 30 different encrypted wallets (each for each address), I guess I would need to send to myself (one address among those 30 that I would select) the totality of my NSRs.
Do you think this methodology would have any drawbacks (besides losing the ability to mint for 7 days after sending)?