Paper wallet

Is there any reliable website we can generate paper wallet for nubits?

This thread: Secure Paper Wallet of NSR/NBT

I’ve listed some options for paper wallets below but I would say that your first thought should be to park the NuBits in the wallet daemon. You help the network by taking some NuBits out of circulation for a while and could earn some interest too.
If you do want a paper wallet, an option not listed in the link given by Cryptog would be CoinToolKit which can be cloned and run locally.
I did develop NuBippy which does BIP38 encryption and vanity addresses too but I’ve not touched it for a while. I would advise testing small amounts with any address generated by either method before loading a paper wallet.

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Any tutorial for how to park nubits? What’s % of interest rate in such case?

“You can use this tool without having to be online”.

Just choose the quantity of US-NBT you want to park for a specific time frame.
For each time frame, you have an interest rate.
Be careful. This interest rate is annualized.
Currently it s hovering over 0.4% globally. Not a good time for parking I think.

Também concordo. O bom mesmo é fazer circular quanto mais melhor.

hello! I would like to know the amount of fee for a transaction, redemption and release coins in your network. In case your network has or rules require to pay additional fees for some actions (like smart contracts deployment etc.), please, let me know. Thank you

I’m not sure if that answer your question but anytime I make a transaction with the NuWallet it costs me 0.01NBT