Exporting Private keys onto a paper wallet

I would like to safely export my private keys onto a paper wallet.
Is there a standard safe protocol?
Does NuBippy help for that?

Nubippy doesn;t have a paper wallet export although you are free to copydown the generated private keys.
It could be useful for BIP38 encrypting your existing private key too.

For full Paper wallets ‘off the shelf’ you could try https://walletgenerator.net/ who added Nubits very early on.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Do you know a secure and safe way for dumping NBT private keys on paper?

https://walletgenerator.net/ actually recommends downloading the website to create the paper wallets. You can download the source from their github repo using this link.


The website works offline, just run index.html. This way you know that they aren’t storing any of the keys somewhere on the server as well. You can do bulk creation, print them, and a lot more.

Make sure to always test sending to and spending from these keys first.

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If I develop:

  • create paper wallet with walletgenerator.net
  • check and verify its keys
  • send the NBT money on them

Am I correct?


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Please make sure you encrypt the private key with BIP38 before doing anything else. Walletgenerator has the option, in the paper wallet tab.

Why is that? why yet another encryption ?

After thought, isn’t it less cumbersome to just have a dumprivatekey from my current wallet on the console and just copy down on paper the output?

It is less combersome but also much easier for anyone finding the paper to import your private key and gain access to your coins. That’s where the BIP38 encryption comes in.

Obviously it’s entirely up to you what you do but from a security point of view, it’s better to have some sort of protection on the private key. It only means remembering a passphrase after all.


I see now - thanks for your elaboration

Once I have encrypted into BIP38 and printed them out onto paper using walletgenerator

  • How do I import them into NuBits wallet? i.e. console commands
  • How do I read them into NuBits, i.e. unlock/un-encrypt them so that I can spend their balance?

I d like to put my nushares onto a paper wallet.
If I sum up the number of nushares stored on each of my receiving NSR addresses, I do not end up with the total indicated by the client (balance + stake).

The idea would have been to take each public address and dump the corresponding private key.

Any exact way to dump all my private NSR keys with dumpprivkey?

having a physical paper wallet derived from an electronic wallet is sub-optimal and defeats the purpose of cold-storage. I don’t even think it can be called cold-storage, this is more like “noting down your keys on a piece of paper”.

A proper cold-wallet is generated offline on a clean machine, secured and then funded.

All righty - any tool for exporting NSR keys, not NBT ones?

yes i know but in case there is high electromagnetic activity that could disrupt all electronic devices…