Reality check on ethereum

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State of the Ethereum Art - all the Dapps listed:


Augur, Ethereum powered decentralized prediction market Beta is up. Still some hurdles to overcome, but has huge potential.

Their devs have indicated an interest in using Nubits for its stability.


Looks like yet another good way to play with your ETHs

I see no other way to attract bettors when there’s some long term wager (e.g. US presidential elections)…

Being exposed to Bitcoin’s (or any other altcoin’s) volatility while stuck in a wage for days or weeks is insane…

It can hold a number of niche applications, and then be the largest one to accommodate all of them. One can say it’s a solution begging for a problem but there’s still potential. The market cap 500 million though is probably counting chickens before they hatch.

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Talking about ETH, I’ve been thinking lately:

Is it just me or anyone else think this insane bullish movement on Ethereum resembles Bitcoin in 2013?

I guess it’s even drying some liquidity from other altcoins.


Shouldn’t people participating in this frenzy be “guaranteeing” some profits in Nubits instead of Bitcoin? Wouldn’t that be more reasonable?

Maybe people try to “guarantee” their profits exchanging ETH --> BTC, claiming that bitcoin’s network is more resilent and secure than Nubits.

But is choosing network security and resilience (bitcoin) over stability (nubits) a more rational option?

edit: I just forgot to mention that even Ethereum developers couldn’t manage to avoid BTC’s volatility and “lost” some millions (in USD value) after presale ended. They should have bought/accepted NBT too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Disclaimer: I don’t participate in that ETH frenzy by now, it would be too much for my psyche…

good idea - can we work with nbt/eth pairs instead of systematically nbt/btc ones?

And yes, that resembles 2013 pump. Where is the next big gox?

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Imo ppc/nbt is next once we have a ppc flot reserve.

I spoke with the Augur team some number of months ago. They indicated they would add NuBits once Bitcoin sidechains are completed, which may or may not occur. However, there’s no question NBT are the perfect cryptocurrency for Augur, and Augur has massive potential.

Wow! this would be amazing. Augur is well positioned to become one of the first very successful Ethereum Dapps. They raised over 5.3 million USD in their IPO. If they would start using Nubits for even a small portion of their business we would see a huge increase in Nubits demand.

Is there anything we can do to make this happen?

@JordanLee and the developers would have a better understanding of the technical requirements, but I believe we need to wait for Bitcoin’s development team to complete their implementation of sidechains. This is barring a scenario where we pioneered them ourselves.

Wouldn’t they prefer their SDR-pegged DAI?

I’m not sure I follow why would we be depended on the implementation of sidechains?

DAI isnt tried and proven like Nubits :wink:

Also I feel the DAI model from what i’ve seen about it will be very different from what we are.