Poloniex withdrawal discussion for NuShares (NSR)


Hi to all! My name is Alex and I trade at the poloniex exchange. Since the NSR coins have been removed from the trade, I still keep my coins on the exchange. I hope that I can still pick them up from there. Now I would like to sell my NSR coins. Tell me please how and where can I exchange? And withdrowal NSR still possible from poloniex exchange?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be possible, and it has been that way for many months. This American exchange hasn’t been fair to NuShare and NuBit users on a number of occasions, we can agree.

There are still a large number of NSR on deposit at Poloniex that can’t be removed (from anecdotal reports I would guess at least 150 million). Liquidity Operations cares, and we have even offered Poloniex $1000 to enable withdrawals. They did not respond. Esko sends correspondence to them periodically about it, but I believe they generally ignore it. @jooize what was the last correspondence you received from Poloniex?

We are open to suggestion about how to proceed, but Poloniex gets to make all the decisions on this. There is little we can do but ask and create incentives.

It might be worth considering how they would respond to legal action or the threat of legal action.


Good they are a publicly known company and we know who they are. Some light at the end of the tunnel for NSR holders!


Well, I realized that it was impossible to withdraw the coins from the exchange. Well then it only remains to part with them and write down the loss. Of course, I understand that maybe your fault is not here, but one way or another you could come up with a different coin refund for users of this exchange? What do you think about hardfork NSR coins in order to refund coins to users of this exchange?


The situation doesn’t warrant that. There is still a better than even chance those NSR can be withdrawn later, I would estimate.

My guess is that it is not Poloniex’s specific intent to defraud or harm NSR depositors. Rather, they have grown around 10 fold (just a guess) in 2017 and are really struggling to meet the increased demand for services and support. NSR does not impact current listings and trades, while only involving a modest quantity of customers. Therefore, I speculate Poloniex has chosen to deprioritize its NSR support. If true, the suggestion is once they get acclimated to operating on the scale they need to, they can begin to diminish the list of unresolved issues.

For these reasons, I suspect the best course of action is for affected users to keep expressing an interest in NSR withdrawals to Poloniex, and to keep asking Poloniex when withdrawals will be enabled.

At some time in the future, we can still investigate the possibility of some civil proceeding brought by one or more of the NSR holders.

If at some point it became clear that there was not a reason to expect NSR withdrawals to be enabled in the future, and that a civil lawsuit could not be used to correct the situation, a socialization, or spreading, of the losses among all shareholders might be considered. It would need to approved by shareholders. I think any such discussion is premature.

It is worth remembering we may want to be relisted on Poloniex in the future. We don’t want a reputation of being difficult to do business with.

Still, the situation is unfair and understandably frustrating for those like you, @Bubleek, who have NSR deposits at Poloniex. I wish that weren’t the case.


In fact, the Poloniex exchange has been losing popularity since the middle of this year. In the summer of this year, the exchange was constantly attended by about 75,000 users. Now only 20,000. It’s very sad. There is also the danger of being blocked completely without the possibility to withdraw your own funds, in case you try to put a lot of pressure on them with the withdrawal of NSR coins, which are not clear yet where to sell. The good news is that if you manage to withdraw coins in any way and exchange them for bitcoin, then in this case you will probably get profit due to the capital increase in the price of BTC.


How can we get our own coins, Poloniex do not respond to my withdrawal request, I have made a lot of withdrawals request!


Lug,You need to give this fact publicity. Write them on Twitter, in the forum, bitcointalk, wherever you can. Attach the sreenshotshot of the deposit and your unanswered tikets.Write that you will write to them every day on Twitter, if there is no positive movement for your problem. And everyone loves to know what a bad exchange it is.


Please keep in mind that Cryptopia stated as reason to delist us that our community had been rude and caused customer service overhead, in addition to a claim that we broke our wallet which I never got an explanation for.

Pushing such a campaign may backfire. I will continue trying to get Poloniex to reopen withdrawals with polite reminders and offers.


well believe it or not
i messaged them a few days ago telling them that i will write about this scam on social media and on bitcoin websites
as expected they didnt reply and i started to join groups and fourms about bitcoin and talked to somepeople
you cant imagine how many people poloniex scammed this few months

i have been thinking seriously about lanchying this campaign even before i read your replies
and execuse me jooize it cant backfire
what is the worest they can do more than delisting the coin and never giving us the money or even contact us ?!
it has been 7 months . are they waiting for the coin to die or are they waiting for us to die ?
it is not about nushares . poloniex is a scam and we have to do something about it


I do not believe Poloniex wants to withhold funds. Honestly I think it depends on which person takes on the support ticket and how the request is written, plus how much work they have to go through. I can’t know any of these things of course. It’s speculation.

We’ve had a couple of wallet issues. They’ve grown a lot with the global excitement for crypto money. We’re not a priority.

Worst thing that can happen is that they begin to despise us and won’t bother once they find the time. I’m not supportive of accusing scam over a problem caused by lack of resources. Risking their reputation and possibly legal issues by confiscating and selling all NSR would be bold.

It’s possible they haven’t taken our offer of compensation because it’s a hassle to declare.

Look at how well NuBits is going right now. Don’t you think it’s a better strategy to let NuBits become a strong brand and go back to Poloniex with that behind us?

We’ve sold over a million NuBits in one week. Our reserve is worth one million dollar more than our liabilities. Today’s trading volume for USNBT at Bittrex is $1,660,430.

It’s time to be happy.

Edit: Sorry, that’s a terrible ending when you have your funds locked up. I really do hope we’ll get them out soon, and these are my thoughts on the matter.


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After waiting for several days, the requested funds were not received. I had to open a grant because I did not find any other ways to recover funds.


Poloniex.com has no response. How can my NSR get back?