Poloniex withdrawal discussion for NuShares (NSR)

If you have NuShares on Poloniex, view your account’s balances to see if they’re available for immediate withdrawal. In case they are not, and/or you have failed withdrawals listed in your history, send a message to Poloniex Support and they will restore your balance.

I can confirm that withdrawals work for ten million NSR, and that they don’t for twenty million NSR. If you happen to withdraw too much and it fails, they can restore your balance again.

Avoid issues by withdrawing your balance 10,000,000 NSR at a time.

We’re pondering the best workaround to implement in the client to resolve issues related to transactions becoming too large by the many inputs and outputs typical with NuShares.

Will update this post if I receive further information.

Update: If your withdrawal fails, just get in contact with Poloniex Support and they’ll sort it out. They’re very responsive now.

this is NOT TRUE
i contacted them 3 months ago
they answered a week ago and all they did was to cancel the transaction
i told them the problem AGAIN and gave them the address you gave me to ask for help with their wallet
and still i have no answer and still waiting

I’m sorry to hear that. What they did for me was cancel the failed transaction which restored the balance to my account and let me make a new attempt at withdrawal. I then successfully withdrew a few times, but failed on one subsequent withdrawal. I got in contact with them, they restored my balance again within hours, and I submitted a new smaller withdrawal which made it through.

Do you currently have a NuShare balance? Any failed withdrawals listed in your history?

You don’t need to give them that email address anymore, though thanks for doing so.

how to make the withdrawal succeed ?
it always fail with me
and all the support do is to restore the balance after some time( which will again not be withdrawn)

Have you tried withdrawing only 1,000,000 NSR?

10,000,000 you mean ?
i didn’t try neither
but i don’t understand this
a lot of coins in one time or few coins at one time should work ?

They should, but unfortunately they do not necessarily because of current technicalities. The amount of inputs and outputs resulting from our splitting of shares is many times more than most cryptoasset transactions.

First try withdrawing one million, 1,000,000 NSR. If that succeeds, try with 5,000,000 NSR. Depending on how many NuShares you have, this may be an acceptable though inconvenient procedure to get them out right now. I had one success in withdrawing 10,000,000 NSR, but you should have no problem with around five million.

It shouldn’t be like this. I’m sorry. The problem is to be resolved with a client update, but needs work.

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My NSR cannot be removed
I contacted them
No one answered me

Have you contacted them in the most recent five days?

@bebo: Any success?

still waiting for an answer from poloniex

If you PM or Bitmessage me your ticket number I can ask them to expedite it.


Here is my number. Can you help me? Thank you

I will ask them to look at both of your tickets. Will just wait briefly for @bebo to provide their number.

thank you

@bebo, @lug: Poloniex has been notified of your issues and ticket numbers. I hope you’ll be taken care of soon. Please remember to withdraw in small chunks. One million should definitely work. Avoid withdrawing over five million at a time unless you have a very large amount of NuShares, in which case try with max ten million.

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Thank you very much. As soon as I hear from you, I’ll be back here and tell you about my withdrawal schedule

So far, I haven’t received any response from poloniex.com!

So as alcurex

@lug: I wonder why. They were quite quick to respond to me. They did however take a whole month to respond the first time. Not sure what more I can do to speed up the process.

Here’s my recent communication with Poloniex, which begun nine days ago.


Along with other NuShare holders I have NSR on Poloniex since withdrawals failed. As representative of them I ask you to please perform what’s necessary to reset our balances and allow withdrawals. We understand you had a busy time around the delistings and around the Bitcoin fork. I hope you can resolve it soon so we can move on.

All fees are back to normal, so you should have no issues when synchronizing the wallet.

Thank you,

Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations, Nu

They replied the same day.

Dear Esko,

My sincere apologies for the delay in reply. We have refunded your transaction, you are free to place the withdrawal again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Poloniex Support Team

I then asked …

Does this apply to everyone with failed NSR withdrawals, or should I instruct them to contact you?


As long as the wallet is enabled you can try withdrawing normally, for delisted currencies you should try withdrawing the whole balance, if it fails you can always open a ticket and we will work together on a solution.


Thanks, I meant for other people in the same situation, with previously failed withdrawals. If you could restore their balances now as well, but I can tell them to contact support if necessary.

My first withdrawals of 5,000,000 NSR and 10,000,000 NSR succeeded, but my third trying to withdraw the remaining NSR failed. After speaking with our developers, it appears the transactions grow too large because of many inputs and outputs. We would suggest setting splitshareoutputs=0 in nu.conf, but it may not suffice, so we’re pondering a client modification.

As it seems 10,000,000 NSR sends without problem, I can instruct the others to withdraw in chunks of such. Would you please restore my balance again, and I’ll do that.


Sounds fair enough :slight_smile: if you have any issue just let us know


I still need the balance restored from the failed withdrawal. :slight_smile:

Otherwise perfect, thanks!


We have refunded your transaction, you are free to place the withdrawal again, sorry for the inconvenience. Please double check the destination address


Have to ask for another restoration. Can you see what the logs say about why these withdrawals of 5,000,002 NSR and 2,xxx,xxx NSR failed?


I have refunded your transaction since it failed to be created due to some unknown error, and you are free to place the withdrawal again when ready.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and please let us know if you run into the same issues again when trying to withdrawal thank you.,


Two other shareholders seem to have the same issue as me, and they’ve asked for help. Can you please take a look at ticket #141030 and #361605?

I’ve successfully withdrawn all my NuShares. Thanks for your prompt assistance!


Since your original issue has been fixed I will mark this ticket as Resolved. Thank you so much for your patience, and we wish you Happy Trading!

Alcurex is cooperative, but busy. The Nu team is working with top priority on a proper solution for the withdrawal issues. We have almost established a plan and hope proceed to begin implementation this week.