Poloniex withdrawal discussion for NuShares (NSR)

@lug, @bebo: Do you both see failed withdrawals in your Poloniex withdrawal history?

If you suspect a language barrier or such, you may try asking Poloniex the following.

Ticket title: Error on withdrawal of delisted asset

Hello Poloniex,

I’ve tried to withdraw my NuShares (NSR), but they show as failed in my withdrawal history. Can you please do what’s necessary to restore my balance so I can try again?

Thank you

Thank you for your help,
My NSR has been returned to my account balance,
But when I try to withdraw money,
Always in the Pending state,
I didn’t receive the confirmation mail
Not even spam
Doesn’t poloniex.com still support withdrawals?

Glad to hear that at least.

They do, but may have to manually initiate the NSR wallet.

Apologies for the delay in responding.

Unfortunately this is a delisted currency and to process these withdrawals we will have to manually start and sync the wallet.

Because of this it will take longer than usual to process this transaction, as soon as we sync the wallet we will attempt to process all your withdrawals,
I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience

Please let me know if I can assist you further regarding this issue.

Could be why it’s taking longer. Can you try to resend the confirmation email from the withdrawal history page?

The NSR of poloniex.com cannot be withdrawn
Haven’t they updated 5.2.0 wallets yet?

i am starting to think that actually poloniex just doesn’t want to give our nushares
did they reply or contacted you ?

They replied to my request for withdrawal,
Say you need to resynchronize your wallet and send it manually
But for a long time I didn’t get my COINS

My withdrawal has been applied for a long time, but I have not paid the NSR for me
Haven’t they updated the wallet version
I hope to receive my coin as soon as possible

@lug: Does your withdrawal show as failed under your withdrawal history at Poloniex?

I sent Poloniex this.

NuBits Wallet v5.2.0 resolves withdrawal issues for delisted NSR

Hello again, Poloniex!

We’ve released an update focused on resolving the withdrawal complications previously seen with NuShares (NSR). You have delisted the asset, but we still have shareholders who haven’t been able to withdraw their balances. I’m sorry if you’ve seen support overhead from us because of this. Please be aware that as a company we’re willing to pay compensation for your efforts.

Shareholders have been in contact with the team and asking how to withdraw their NSR from Poloniex. You were very helpful in getting ours out. They just haven’t been as successful.

If you would please upgrade to v5.2.0 and sync the wallet so our last shareholders can get their shares out. The issues with withdrawals failing should be resolved by the new release in combination with our recommended exchange options in nu.conf.


Evaluate running the mergeoutputs RPC. With multitx=1 it’s not necessary, but can be simpler for you.

NuBits v5.2.0 Release

sha256(nu-5.2.0-linux-gitian.zip) = eeec33f07ea32e34697774faf9f637499562ba6f97858950d3ad56400bde878d

Best regards,

Esko (jooize)
Manager, Liquidity Operations at NuBits

My status is still Pending

Pending NSR
2017-08-15 18:16:03

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I will update you as soon as they respond.

Thank you very much for your help

I am disappointed that I haven’t received any reply

Poloniex has not replied to me.

Hey, I might be in the same situation as lug, any updates about this recently?

There was no response, and it was disappointing

well since that a lot of people have this problem in contacting them
is there any legal action we can do against poloniex ?

Well, at least we are not alone with this problem…

I think legal action isn’t the most Occam’s razor way to handle this yet.
Any ideas how we could collectively try to get them do the backend magic for us?

I would really love to own my NSR, now especially as the project seems to be taking off in smart money sense (barely noticeable to many).

Considering offering Poloniex compensation to process all NSR shareholder support/withdrawal requests for a limited time. Once the ongoing withdrawal issues at Alcurex and others are completely resolved it’ll be easier, but I can’t promise their cooperation.

It’s still beyond me why exchanges don’t save us all time and communicate. Alcurex is working with us now, and we may have found a solution.

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Good to see Alcurex compliant the right way…
When it comes to Poloniex, obviously they are still lagging with their support.

Thanks @jooize for your concern for us!
Having another, even limited period of attention of theirs to do NSR withdrawal processing would be awesome. I’d really like to finally own mine that I’ve held over a year at Poloniex account, now that the project is finally starting to look like there could be recovery and re-valuation ahead.

If you could use your influence with them in any way, I’m sure the people in this thread would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!