[Passed] Proposal to run nuexplorer instance

To Nu Shareholders,

Please consider current situation with block explorer as outlined by @Cybnate:

NuBits and NuShares main blockexplorer.nu has not been very reliable lately and since contract with original developer ran out we can’t expect prompt support. On the other hand, we can’t afford having prolonged downtime of our main block explorer.

RIPEMD-160 6b3ccb0829661f89371525d3680e5344243d97dc

I, backpacker69, propose to run, maintain and support a high availability instance of nuexplorer software for 6 months for 600 NBT, which includes a sufficiently powerful virtual server, setup and administration cost of nuexplorer software.

As a bonus, during setup I developed extra functionality to nuexplorer code, which enables charting of parked nubits (see http://nuexplorer.ddns.net/charts/parked). I will be releasing that code as open source as soon as grant passes at https://github.com/backpacker69/NuExplorerOS.

To make sure that block explorer runs reliably and community can count on it, I will be burning 100 NBT for any outage that takes longer than 24 hours to remedy.


NuBits grant address: BPACKiS7Q5wdishcEzabgXV8dRJJV1uXgt
Vote amount: 600NBT

Passed on 5th of June 2016, current contract will expire on 5th of December 2016.


a new domain , new design ,also new function

I think the penalty for an outage is a bit steep in relation to the compensation - one outage longer than 24 hours and a month’s compensation gone.
More than 6 outages of that type in 6 months and you pay Nu for operating it.
I could just be happy about that and remain silent, but I consider it unfair.
I wouldn’t want to risk your support just because the VPS is less reliable than you think it is - after all it’s beyond your control.
What about reducing it to 50 NBT and capping it at “once per month”? Just a suggestion…

The info about the parked NBT is a very nice bonus!

I’ll add that to my data feed at the next update.

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thank you for your support, if @Cybnate and others allow, I would lower the penalty. it is a bit scary.

It’s just my opinion.
What exactly scares you?

for the sever , i run two node at this https://www.wholesaleinternet.net/dedicated/

you can count for this : support fee and sever fee.

What scares me are situations when events out of my control make me lose money. But then again, what are chances that 6 VPSes fail for such long period of time? :slight_smile:

High penalty would just make me try harder to maintain SLA.

@backpacker , you should use another NuBits grant address. It is not allowed to use it twice.


Thank you for that information , I didn’t realize. it makes sense of course.

How can you create vanity addresses with a prefix length of 7 that fast?

ninjaedit: forget it - the new grant address has a prefix length of 5 :wink:
ninjaedit2: once you feel comfortable with the grant, promote it to [Voting]!
ninjaedit3: https://daology.org/proposals/0ba3c7cb8ebcf3c4a222e96611fe925c962e3920 needs an update!

I’d be such a good ninja!

Proposal is open for voting!

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Although I have no Nushare, I support you!

Run a datafeed, you dont need shares to have a say, just followers that have shares.

But I have no Nu wallet installed.

You’ll never know who follows you, but that’s not the important part, at least not for me.
Trying to contribute is.

Will add this to my datafeed soon.[quote=“backpacker, post:7, topic:3948”]
High penalty would just make me try harder to maintain SLA.
A SLA with 24h downtime before penalties is pretty lax. I dare to say that anything happening totally out of your control and you can proof that clearly, we won’t have you burning the 100NBT. At least I would advocate against it.

The objective of this was to have a better uptime of the Nu blockexplorer after several severe incidents lasting up to a week, instead we now have a second instance. So I hope we are good for at least the next 6 months.

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Added it it my data feed:


you forgot
"Sorry for the delay."

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lol. Well here the voting started only 2 days ago…