[Passed] Proposal to run nuexplorer instance

is there a reason why share days are so low for voters of this proposal?

does it mean current proposal is not interesting to old shareholders?

My understanding is that it’s more interesting for shareholders, who continuously vote than for shareholders who only occasionally vote.

That pretty much makes sense if you suppose that shareholders who continuously vote are more interested in getting data from blockexplorer regarding motions, votes, etc. and are not very happy with the availability of blockexplorer.nu, for which unfortunately no maintenance contract is available.

In my view it’s a good sign. Those who follow closely are in favour of your proposal. But that is just my interpretation.

But grant won’t pass unless occasional voters participate, we still need 50% of share days, right?

I think so. We will know once you have 5 percentage points more votes :wink:
One of the reasons why motions are easier.
Plus you don’t create custodial addresses, for contractors, which don’t need to broadcast liquidity, but could do it.
But that is a different matter. We have other problems at the moment :smiley:

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Will this completely replace blockexplorer.nu, since the previous contract ran out? At the moment I can’t access the main explorer linked from NuBits.com, so I assume it’s down. If so, then we’ll need to replace the links on the website to this new and more reliable version.

I know this is a carry over from the old explorer, but is there any reason why the custodial grants page is titled “Votes?” I think it should be titled “Grants” instead.

We should probably alter the styling of the explorer to use the Nu color scheme. Blue and white doesn’t really fit with Nu’s image. For example https://www.parkingyournubits.rocks/ adapted our color scheme and looks great.

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I agree, but…[quote=“masterOfDisaster, post:24, topic:3948”]
We have other problems at the moment
At least we have one blockexplorer working, glad we invested in that (still needs to pass though).

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Yeah, I meant we should do it in the future. Put it on the list of things to do I guess.

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Backpacker may remind us :sunglasses:

This proposal passed.


Proposal has passed, I’ve updated the repo with code for parked nubits and other improvements.


@backpacker Blockexplorer POS diff is 2 days behind.
@JetJet13 blockexplorer.nu (https://blockexplorer.nu/votes) is not working at all.

@cybnate sorry, forgot to mention that difficulty chart should be working properly.