[Passed] Performance Bonuses for Peg Restoration

This is being managed on Daology.

Custodial Grant Address: SNf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY
Custodial Grant Amount: 173100000 (just over 173 million)

Here is a quote for convenience:

Finally, this is a draft because I would like to seek comment on
whether anyone who contributed to restoring and keeping the peg since
the governance crisis began was overlooked in my proposal. I realize
there will be some jealousy over my own bonus, but I do think it is in
shareholders’ interest to grant it.

This is the real homo oeconomicus game. It has once been raised that all this NU shit seems to be more of a psychological experiment than the intention to start a real crypto business. I totally agree with that notion and I am really curious how far you can push this @Phoenix.
When there is money involved people obviously raise the bar significantly when it comes to moral and ethical issues.
For the first time in his life, @jooize has found someone who admires his “achievements”. If I was him, I would probably do the same and grab what I can. It won’t happen again to you, my friend, I would bet my ass on that.

Oh, btw: I think you forgot @Crypto_coiner as he is always willing to recruit people for you under any circumstance. Fidelity should be rewarded. I suggest 3 million NSR.


And you shouldn’t forget @JordanLee. If you reimburse @Henry for lost income, you should definitely reward the architect himself. It was his perfect liquidity engine model that has temporarily been abandoned and probably caused him tremendous financial losses. It might seem unrealistic to many members of this forum, but considering the insane loss in market capitalization I suggest 250 million NSR for @JordanLee. Shareholders should support that suggestion since it also means more control in the hands of those who really understand the liquidity engine model.

Would you like to share some of the reasons that shareholders would be better off by granting you this large bonus? (Besides the obvious reason: the shareholders are already you.)


You’re handing out NuShares now like they’re free candy on Halloween. By the time you’re done getting all these bonuses you’ll probably own over 75% of the network. I can’t wait until the next NSR buyback so I can dump all of my NuShares. I can’t believe I ever bought into this scam. What a waste of time and money. How can anybody here still believe Nu is legit?


Restore the NSR price for shareholders and then we can start talking about performance bonuses.


Hi Phoenix and Nu team!
I have been very busy with crypto projects and recruiting top talent/building teams internationally –

Need engineers? ping me


They are getting paid to believe.

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F#&% that. I won’t have any part of this anymore.


There is still a governance crisis, and this proposal makes it worse because criticism will be even more overlooked after this passes.

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This is not a topic I have overlooked.
I thought it’d be a waste of time to write here.
With the passing of this motion/grant the last person should realize what’s going on here - most already know it.

That’s why there’s only death dance left in this forum plus a phoenix who pulls strings and one single person that provides liquidity with Nu funds.

Nu had that in its beginning. And the lessons learned from that bring Nu back to it, but with only one liquidity provider?

Well done.
Game over.

It’s a good topic to say goodbye.


I’ve said my goodbye here…


@ConfusedObserver your so dramatic, I love it :joy:

I’ll reiterate what I said on the other thread posted by @Sentinelrv , as that thread should probably just be removed considering it in no way follows the guidelines for forum discussion:

These successes are great and should not be overlooked, but I do believe it is too early to start talking about performance bonuses. A large part of your “bonus” should come in the form increased share price when the market has decided that your work is of value. To dilute the shares as massively as you are proposing is simply not fair to current shareholders. While these successes are great, what we’ve really done is dug ourself out of the hole that we ourselves created. To be compensated for fixing a mistake that you yourself created is a little asinine. Theres still work to be done. Come back in a month when NSR is back to 500 sats and i’ll support a “performance bonus”.

As I said in my reply to you, these so-called successes and all the gains associated with it will be wiped out the moment Nu runs out of customer funds to support its pegging operations. These gains are based on nothing but NuShare dilution, which is not sustainable. Pegging operations are also not sustainable without a solid revenue stream, even with a 100% reserve backing it. I would not call anything here a success until Nu is able to actually earn money itself, rather than spend other people’s money.

While I have no hard evidence to back this up, I am pretty confident that Serfer is another alt account of Phoenix/JordanLee. Pay careful attention to what he says. He uses phrases that Phoenix has said over and over…

Also calling for censoring of threads and people who disagree with him and focusing entirely on numbers that he can point to that show progress and calling them successes. I’ve heard him say all these things before multiple times.

Don’t be fooled here. He is trying to play a psychological trick on the remaining shareholders who still care. First he posts with his main account about a performance bonus that seems outrageous and one he knows will cause backlash. Then he uses a sock puppet account to convince shareholders it would be more fair to wait until the share price has increased. He is purposely throwing out an unreasonable bonus in order to cause backlash and anger, so that shareholders will be more willing to accept the more reasonable sounding proposal of waiting until another goal has been reached. Except a bonus of this magnitude is not reasonable under any circumstance. Realize that he is playing a psychological trick here. He is offering something extreme sounding so that you will be more likely to accept what he really wants later. Don’t fall for it.


Yeah. What’s sad is that the trust in the community and JL is so low that even if this isn’t true, it’s still actually very likely. This place is straight up broken.


You are delusional. You probably know me or at least know of my work but I am not Phoenix and or JordanLee. Despite what you may think, the whole world is not out to get you.

I would be salty too if I was here since the beginning and wasn’t mentioned in the “performance bonus” draft.

Are you really still here? I thought you left?

Get on with it already and take all the other conspiracy theory nut-jobs with you.

You can’t call people delusional, because this is the type of environment that Phoenix has created here. He’s created an environment of mistrust and paranoia. He’s switched user names so many times now, anybody can be him, so everybody is suspect.