[Passed]Motion to elect Sigmike as B&C's technical leader




As Nu’s crisis going on, Jordan Lee has to put most vigour into recovering Nu’s pegging, while the B&C developement has been put aside as less priority. Therefore BKS holders appoint @sigmike as the technical leader of development of B&C exchange system.

Because a portion of B&C developement fund devalues a lot due to the temperary failure of NBT peg, our develepment process may slow down especially in considerration of Sigmike’s availability, BKS holders should be patient. Sigmike has proven he/she is a cryptocurrency expert after the excellent work for Peercoin, Nubits and B&C.

Other tasks such as developers payment, recruitment, marketing still belong to original responsible persons.

We still respect @JordanLee 's effort on both Nu and B&C projects, if any mistake he/she has made, is just the price on the road of innovation. And BKS holders still welcome and need Jordan’s contribution to B&C project.

And comments are welcomed, especially from those big BKS holders such as @Dhume .

Do you want to put it [Discussion] first? Putting up a motion to vote without discussion will risk its being rejected by voters who have issues that they could tell you to fix during te discussion period.

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The line should be “BKS holders appoint @sigmike as the technical leader of development of B&C exchange system.” as Sigmike has said that he is not sure if he is clear about all architecture issues.


I think there should be at least 3 days for us to discuss, after that, I’ll put hash code and let’s vote!


There is none. And it is virtually impossible to have a consistent hash with the forum software. Best to hash it on daology.
BTW Is sigmike comfortable of doing this work without pay? I don’t see anything about it in your motion. Or do you assume the alias JordanLee is still paying whoever is elected against their own rates whatever they may have been?

Thanks for your remind, I"ll try daology.

The motion is related to technical , payments still managed by angela, of course sigmike may refuse to work without payment, but this issue is out of scope of the motion.

@JordanLee, @Phoenix, as @sigmike said

I think the main problem is my available time. He asked me at the beginning of the year to lead the team, but I failed mostly because I lacked time. So he took this role again. I can probably take it back, but my available time is still uncertain.

I understand Jordan’s main time will be spent on recovering Nubits pegging, so hope Jordan understand some BKS holders’ voting too. When Jordan says his main focus will become B&C again, he may write a proposal to elect him as leader again.

I am on Raspberry,

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“fees” : {
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“count” : null,
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“assets” : [

Got a error, method not found, any one help?

add a space after “setvote” ? also it’s better to put everything in one line.

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@Sabreiib, are you voting for your motion?

Like to see whether @sigmike is supporting this motion. The combination of him and the references to JordanLee’s contribution doesn’t seem to be ideal I believe.
If he supports it, I’m happy to support it and add it to my datafeed.

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Yes, I will ,but my raspberry cannot set vote. @masterOfDisaster could help me.

What does @sigmike think about it?

As I said in the other thread I’m ok to lead the technical development of the project. But as mentioned in the motion the development may not be very fast because the time I can dedicate to the project will be small and varying.

And there’s the funding problem. Are there enough funds left to complete the project?

The best course of actions may be to make a quick 5.0 release so that active shareholders can take decisions, and then take some time to make a plan.


That sounds reasonable to me.

If there are no major objections within the next 48 hours (especially from @JordanLee), I will add it to my feeds.


We prefer you as technical leader, so that you don’t have to spend time debating with anyone, just do what you believe is right, and we know your time is limited, and we can wait.

We’d better ban those apathetic miners, and elect some reputed signer to speed up decision making.

bcexchanged setvote ‘{“motions”: [“c1e9a92ca18591e78c7489b658bf414da7bd1a2e”]}’

This works on Raspberry.

What do we mean by leader here?

SIgmike can decide technical problem, other developers must obey him when writing code for B&C.