[Passed] Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex @zoro - term 3

The new term 3 gateway extension period is from 11 of May up to 10 of July. (2 months)
The only change from term2 is the reduced opeator’s compensation to 200 NBT for 60 days.

Motion RIPEMD160 hash: f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500

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Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex @zoro - term 3


  • below called “the operator” - will run a dual side NuBot on Poloniex.
    The liquidity is being broadcast using a custodial address to allow
    tracking the liquidity situation of the bot.The operator promises to
    send all funds to a FLOT multisig address upon request of a majority of
    the FLOT members or by a passed NSR holder motion.

Availability:The operator offers to check for Nubot’s good operation
twice per day , every day and even replace the Nubot’s server with a
second one in another physical location if the original location has
permanent power or internet outage!

Begin of operation:Operation begins on the day NuBot puts the first
deposit of funds by FLOT on the order book.In case NuBot is on standby
(not running) and the FLOT deposits funds, operation will begin on the
day NuBot gets started and puts orders on the book.

End of operation:Operation is ceased by request of withdrawal of all
funds or if operator sends all funds to FLOT multisig address(es). NuBot
is put on standby afterwards.The remaining grant fees will be burned or
send to a FLOT’s NBT address.If for any reason the operator has to stop
Nubot for a period of time or permanently before the end of the
contract, it will be communicated beforehand.

Modes of withdrawal:NSR holders can request withdrawal by motion.The
operator may withdraw funds to a FLOT multisig address after a request
from FLOT membersonce per week or sooner if necessary.

Compensation scheme:The operator charges 200 NBT for 60 days of
operation.If the operation is ceased by FLOT or NSR holder request
before the end of this period, the remaining fees will be burnt or send
to a FLOT’s NBT address.

Reasoning for compensation:Nubot will be running in a personal win7
64 powerful server 24/7 and its good operation will be monitored twice
per day.

Premature activation:If the FLOT deposits funds at the operator’s
exchange account, they will be used by the operator as if this motion
already passed.
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motion hash enerated by


looks reasonable.

now it is ready for voting :slight_smile:

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This is reasonable.
And I think we still need gateways to provide liquidity though we should not rely solely on them.

f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500 voted.

will add this to my voting data feed

It passed.
“f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500” : {
“blocks” : 5482,
“block_percentage” : 54.82,
“sharedays” : 4201975600,
“shareday_percentage” : 80.09218738

thank you all!
Operation continues for 2 more months :slight_smile: