[Passed] LiquidBits term 8 grant - Automatic Liquidity Pool (ALP)

Here is the proposal to extent the current operation of LiquidBits with 30 days. The current grant runs out on 20 April. Except for the spread I’ve left the terms and conditions the same. The operation continues for just 30 days on the legacy ALP software awaiting the testing and stable operations of ALPv2 on LiquidBits. A test server is already running and more details will follow as soon as it is ready for LP testing. This interim grant should provide adequate time to bridge the time until a next grant for ALPv2.

The full proposal is published here:

Have done my best to verify the numbers this time, but please check again!
My AI bot is still not producing automatic and flawless proposals :wink:

To support this grant please add the following details into your client:

BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x , 631

Hash: 3f3ba68b390804fdd895573d3fb667a1b614b71c

BTW We could use some USD liquidity on the USD/USNBT pair on http://CCEDK.com/us-nbt-usd. Every USD 1,000 pays USNBT 1.40/day or 126 USNBT (4.2%) for 30 days (max 7,500). No volatility risk, just make sure you are comfortable with the exchange risk on CCEDK.com. See risk, terms and conditions.


You know what I am going to say – get some Fixed Cost going and let the LPs balance the sides.


Not much to add :frowning: Will have to wait…


Tks for the proposal but I think we should try to reduce more the liquidity on ccedk.

In your prosal, total maximum compensated liquidity of 23,500 USNBT is target.

I think we should divide by 2 or even 4 that number.

Tend to agree that the current pool is too large even though it serves a slightly different purpose. We are not seeing the usage and sells I would have hoped for.

I’m fine to reduce the targets of USD/USNBT and EUR/USNBT by approx 2 to respectively 2000 EUR on each side and 3500 USD on each side, leaving a maximum of 12,000 including the BTC/USNBT pair to compensate. Please note that this maximum is never achieved in practise. Payouts and provided liquidity are varying between 50% and 80% of the maximum because of the current cost model. This will change with ALPv2 and will need to be reassessed by then.

The amendments would reduce the monthly cost from 1028 USNBT to around 550 USNBT excluding fee. Would that make you (and others) support this proposal?

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Will have the amended proposal up for voting ultimately this weekend. Attending to operational issues with LiquidBits which have priority at the moment.

Updated the proposal as above. Will submit it for voting after I have seen LiquidBits operating stable again over a number of days from now. I’m still looking into the ALPv2 software which I haven’t been able to get in a state I can start testing.

The wallet issue which plagued the pool for a while has been resolved and the pool is now stable for more than 5 days. However term 7 ran out a few days ago, so the funds needs to be topped up soon to ensure continuity. Haven’t been able to test the ALPv2 software properly and notice that NuPool is still tweaking it anyway to improve its stability.

The proposal’s details are here: https://daology.org/proposals/d09664871e9e7a3ebec7e35a8bca077b94add078

To support this grant please add the following details into your client:

BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x , 631

The funds on the current grant (funded mostly by myself after I made a mistake with the previous grant address) will run out in 15 days or so unless this grant passes. Please ensure you are voting for this assuming you like to support the continuation of LiquidBits.

BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x , 631

@crypto_coiner, could you please let me know why you decided not to include this grant into your datafeed?

The fact that CCEDK is where this liquidity occurs, i d say?

voted although I expect the next grant to further decrease.

I can’t even find NBT on CCEDK - am I totally blind?

it has been renamed US-NBT.

The grant has passed. Thanks for your confidence in me. The funds have been received in good order.
The NBT pairs on CCEDK are back online. The LiquidBits server has been restarted with the new terms according to the OP link. Payouts will be from the new address starting with BLiquidB.


Is anyone else having issues. My bot is not placing any good orders…didn’t have a problem until the restart.

My bots on fiat pairs are functioning normally including the usual glitches. Please be aware that the spread has been reduced, so you might need to adjust your settings. Having said, the order should still be placed, they are just not rewarded.

Got it…working now. Maybe it just needed to sleep overnight. :grin: