[Passed] LiquidBits term 8 grant - Automatic Liquidity Pool (ALP)

Just noticed that the rewards have been cleared, but that no payout took place. The logs learn that credit files are generated, so I can do manual payouts later. Probably an issue with the wallet. Will attend to this in next 24h as it requires some wallet transfers and clearing leaving just the payout address as the primary wallet address.

Thank you for being such an attentive pool operator!

I’m got this:

ERROR: unable to place bid usd order of 1.0000 usnbt at 0.99800000 on ccedk: exception caught: 'bool' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

It seems to have resolved itself, but it’s placing very small orders.

Edit: It occasionally decreases the bid limit to 1nbt, gives that error and then slowly increases the bid limit again.

Can confirm that. It is known behaviour of the Pybot unfortunately. It does that especially when the provided targets on the pool are exceeded. You may try to use Nagalim’s latest client.py. It is in the latest release in my repo. I’ve seen the older version and the newer one behaving badly though depending on the scenarios it is facing.
The best workaround still seems to be resetting it every 10 or 15 minutes. Also playing with the ‘ordermatch’ parameter sometimes helps.

Hope to have ALPv2 running in the next term, still setting it up and testing. NuBot has also a number of issues which are becoming apparent e.g. with pricefeeds. We are still working with beta software after all :slight_smile:


No problem. I think I solved the problem, though my solution doesn’t involve a full understanding of the code. I simply changed a line of code that didn’t make any sense, into a line of code that did make sense. :slight_smile:

Now it appears to be running more rationally. Please see the pull request that I made: https://github.com/Cybnate/nu-pool/pull/13



Great, will run with it and see if there no adverse effects.[quote=“Cybnate, post:21, topic:3738”]
Will attend to this in next 24h as it requires some wallet transfers and clearing leaving just the payout address as the primary wallet address.
The fix applied didn’t work. Will try a more rigourous approach later today. This involves restarting the server which will loose today’s payout. Will backpay the last few days though as soon as an automatic payout has taken place.

Just restarted the server after I have created a new wallet and imported the custodial grant address. This should fix the payout issue. Will wait until the next payout in 24h to confirm this before transferring the backpay.

I’m going to ask for some help here:

I’m facing the following issue:
2016/05/11-10:00:44 INFO: attempting to make payout
2016/05/11-10:00:44 ERROR: NuRPC: unable to send payout: Account has insufficient funds
2016/05/11-10:00:44 INFO: successfully stored payout to logs/1462953644.credit:

There are funds in the wallet:

cybnate@nbt:~/.nu$ sudo /etc/nu/nud203 -unit=B listaccounts
"" : 0.0,
“LiquidBits term 8” : 631.0

This is a newly created wallet with the new custodial address imported. The last time I faced this that resolved the issue, but maybe I’m missing something this time. The issue is with the first entry “”:0.0 which the ALP software looks at and responds with no adequate funds.

Question is how to move an imported private key to the first position or how to delete the first entry in the wallet? Other solutions are also more than welcome!

I know no way of purging a key from the wallet, but you could try changing the name of the liquidbits address to “” and move this key (and the balance) to the default account.

nud setaccount BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x ""
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Wow, that is a neat trick and it worked, well it moved the balance to the first account. Proof of the pudding during the next payout in 22 hours. You will have to provide a donation address when this works!

Naah, just trying to help what little I can :wink:
I’m glad it helped!
The account “LiquidBits term 8” should still be there, now with a new address.
…I know no way of purging accounts, either :smiley:

Automatic payment has occurred about 45 minutes ago. I will prepare the backpay payments and transfer in next 24h.

@masterOfDisaster :+1: You are lucky that @assistant is no longer with us.

Nice to see the pudding worked!
@assistant is a lazy bum, sleeps all the time and complains about forum updates.
Fortunately there are humans left in the forum - but can they prove they’re human?

Let’s have everyone do a number of Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) tests. Maybe @assistant will show up under an alias :wink:

I often fail at those CAPTCHAs.
Ooops! :flushed:

Can anyone confirm payments…I looked last night and nothing.

The automatic payouts in the last two days went through without issues. I’m now preparing the backpay from the days before that.

— Important Notice ----

Given CCEDK’s notification to temporary stop trading by the end of this month, I will have to close down LiquidBits ALP in about a week’s time. That means that the server will no longer pay out to the bots as per custodial grant in the OP. When no objections are made I propose to burn the remaining funds and officially end my obligations as an ALP on CCEDK as per OP. The reason to end the service a few days earlier is because no specific day has been given by CCEDK other than the end of May.

The last ALP payout day will be Saturday 28 May at 8pm UTC.

Once CCEDK enables trading again I will assess whether I will submit a new grant to continue services as an ALP. This will depend on compatible APIs and listing of NBT pairs. This will likely be with the new ALPv2 software and NuBot.

Given the current liquidity situation and that it is now clear that trading only stops at 1 June, I extend the LiquidBits operations for another 3 days till 1 June. At CCEDK you can still get USD or some Euros for your NuBits with less than 1% spread :slight_smile: