[Passed] Funds to create new NBT logos

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Shareholders authorize TomJoad to spend 1200 NBT on the creation of new NuBits logos for Chinese NuBits, European NuBits, and SDR NuBits logos. If any excess funds remain they will be burned by TomJoad once the logos have been delivered.

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Voting is live.

Our designer (who previously designed both our website as well as a touch-up of our Nu logo) has come back with a quote of 1200 NBT to create the suite of new NBT logos required by this motion. Eight hours of work at $150/hour would be covered.

This quote would cover a few things:

  • New color variations for Chinese NuBits, European NuBits, and SDR NuBits logos.
  • Multiple logos for each NBT product, including full name (e.g. United States NuBits) and abbreviations (e.g. US-NBT)
  • A redesign of the “NuBits” text underneath the logos to be a standard font, so that it can be used in other applications. The new font wouldn’t be drastically different; it would still have a thick, futuristic feel to it.

This designer has earned our trust and I am confident the benefit to our brand will be worth the expense.


Have the names been discussed enough and deemed… reasonable (and future-proof)? I’ve read most of the discussion in the other motion thread.

I’m definitely in favor of the hyphen for readability.


I think US-NBT is easier to read and understand. USD-NBT almost looks like a trading pair. Do any countries have multiple currencies, i.e. like USD and a USY? I might be going at a minor issue, but I want to raise it before it’s set in paid graphics.

Will the SDR one be X-NBT? What if other basket currencies “appear”? Y-NBT, Z-NBT, …

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Looks reasonable to me.

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I’m comfortable using the funds under my control for this, which have paid for most marketing in the past, unless that course of action proves controversial among shareholders. This is a small expense for an initiative already approved by shareholders. But I’m fine with using a custodial grant as well. Whatever shareholders prefer.


I was thinking a custodial grant would be appropriate to make all spending transparent, but perhaps I’ll format it as a motion instead. That way no new NBT will be created.

I agree the two-letter abbreviation is preferable. The pairs will be as follows:

United States NuBits // US-NBT
Chinese NuBits // CH-NBT
European NuBits // EU-NBT
Special Drawing Rights NuBits // X-NBT

We don’t want any national currencies (dollars, yuan, or euros) in our titles to avoid the perception problems that have plagued physical independent currencies like the Liberty Dollar.

Shareholders would decide any abbreviations for new NBT products, but I agree that single-letter abbreviations might be an interesting way to denominate unique pegged currencies with no national affiliations. I-NBT for iGDP NuBits, for example. Perhaps we should give some thought to S-NBT replacing X-NBT for Special Drawing Rights?

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what countries and what jobs have 150$/hour salaries? i am in a 20euro/hour salary as a software engineer!

Got it, sounds good.

“Special drawing rights (XDR or SDR) […] The XDR” — Wikipedia

Wikipedia uses XDR, so perhaps X-NBT suits, but you all understand this way better than I do. What is iGDP? “International Gross Domestic Product”?

It was an abstract concept covered in an academic paper here: iGDP and iCurrency. Nowhere near as mainstream as SDR, but it’s an example of possible future “basket” currencies NBT could peg to.

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This motion has been hashed for voting.

Motion RIPEMD160 hash: 2ab1d4dff05587e496cc649c1e019fb31c546311

2ab1d4dff05587e496cc649c1e019fb31c546311 verified and voted.

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Thank you. In the first day of voting this motion is only receiving about 7% support. I hope shareholders will configure their voting to support this, or outline other options. I believe this is a very reasonable price to pay for brand consultation and logo design. Our branding has been among the best in the cryptocurrency space since we started because we have trusted experts to help us.

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I’m going to respectfully disagree with this recommendation. The ISO-3166 alpha-two code for China is CN. We don’t want to confuse a Chinese NuBit with the alpha-two code for Switzerland, CH.

This maps to the top-level domain for China, .cn, too.


Well then I’m going to respectfully agree with your recommendation. I agree CN-NBT is more appropriate if Switzerland is CH, nice catch.

There were probably a bunch of Swiss Nu network members who were very excited for a few days… my apologize for bursting that bubble :wink:

26 votes over the past 100 blocks. We still need more shareholders to configure their votes if they support this motion.

voted – have not realized it was a motion – you may want to change the category

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it has passed!


Thank you for the vote of confidence. I will be moving forward with this work in the near future.

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