[Passed] Motion to introduce new NuBits products

Japanese Yen has taken the third place in terms of volume behind Yuan and the Dollar… Sooner or later someone in Japan would create a crypto pegged to JPY.
I hope Nu would choose to create a JP-NuBits first.

Any update on the logos?

I’m going back and forth between two variations right now. I will be giving it some more thought over the weekend, and then possibly presenting the two variations here for community feedback.


Update: I’ve submitted a final round of revisions to the designers and should have our new logos within a week. I’m happy with how they’ve turned out - the new fonts are clean and modern, but have small little stylistic choices that make them unique. They look remarkably better than our current font, in my opinion, and I’m excited to share them here soon.


CH is usually the abbreviation of Switzerland. China is usually CN or CHN. CH-NBT maybe confused with a CHF pegged product.



I think having 2 letter country identifiers (CN-NBT, EU-NBT, US-NBT), while having 1 letter for the SDR pegged product (X-NBT) will make it easy for users to quickly grasp the meaning.


Thank you. As I wrote in the other thread, I’ve requested this update to be made to the logos today.

“Switzerland (/ˈswɪtsərlənd/), officially the Swiss Confederation (Latin: Confoederatio Helvetica, hence its abbreviation CH)” :wink:


I guess we wan begin to call for CN-NBT, EU-NBT LPCs once we have a marketing strategy or the right partner exchanges?

So what do we need? I suggest EUR-NBT is easiest. We need an FLOT reserve and an exchange pair (eur-nbt/btc) to operate on. FLOT is first, in my opinion.

Seeing the last 2 months behaviour, I believe so too.
As for the exchange, ccedk would be an easy choice but…


waiting for B&C

Which one would be interested in having that eur-nbt/btc pair ?

Doesn’t the client also still need to be updated to report liquidity for multiple Nu products?

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You probably already suspect the answer, yes it does. Same for NuDroid. The question is whether to create a multi-coin client or just another single currency client specifically for a new currency. That might be a shortcut to start with.

The Nu wallet already is a multi-coin client: NSR and NBT.
It would make sense to include the additional products there as well, right?
If you create additional clients, each of them needs to sync the blockchain.
I doubt that’s what users like.

And one NuDroid for all products would be easier to handle for users.

From a design/programming point of view it could make things easier, if each product had a separate application - as long as you keep the structure similar and make updating all the applications simple and straight-forward.

In my mind owning Nushares is very different from owning any of the pegged currencies (NBT and the new ones to come). I would suggest keeping the Nushares / Currency switch and simply introducing a secondary navigation for switching between the pegged currencies in the current NuBits Wallet views.

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Nbt and nsr are verified on the same blokchain.
A secure ‘separation’ on the wallets should be possible with bcex

A separation between NSR and NBT has already been done with NuDroid, not sure why we would require BCex for that. Could you elaborate on that?