iGDP and iCurrency

I received an email from a couple researchers who published a short paper on concepts they call “iGDP” and “iCurrency”.

Notable summary from the paper:

We define iGDP, the gross domestic product (GDP) aggregated via a valuation of all finished goods and services produced within a country using a universal numeraire we refer to as iCurrency. We propose 4 criteria for iCurrency:

  1. it is not a currency issued (or backed) by any government;
  2. it is valued based solely on supply and demand;
  3. it is easily transferred across regions and globally accepted as a payment method; and
  4. it is algorithmic, with no human intervention.

It’s interesting to note that Nu entirely fulfills the first three criteria (or at least, has the capabilities of doing so on criteria 2 with its ability to peg to a new basket of goods or commodities like an iGDP), and partially fulfills the fourth. I think our ideal Nu state in the future will be achieved by resolving the fourth criteria of reduced human influence (possible examples: automated custodians, decentralized exchanges, automatic NSR-for-NBT burning rates). It seems we’re on the right track, at least as far as these researchers are concerned.


This “automated custodians” seems like a A.I. thing :smile:
i wish we shouldn’t have to interfere so much though

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