NuShares (NSR) listed at Novaexchange!


Novaexchange has listed NuShares under a NSR/BTC trading pair. Great news for the liquidity of NuShares and the stability of NuBits.

As this means we have a fully functional exchange for NuShares, our Manual Exchange is shut down effective immediately.

Manual Exchange (NSR/BTC) – Discontinued, see

how about alcurex


Hello Jooize Sir its Very Nice Work That is Nushares Listed in Nova Exchange, But Sir When i well Withdraw My Nushares Coins From Cryptopia Exchange, Now Cryptopia Giving us Dead Line September 27/09/2017, Please Do Something, Thanks

Cryptopia delisting NuBits (USNBT) and NuShares (NSR)

Novaexchange has opened up registrations!