NuRiver Pool on Cryptsy for NBT/USD & NBT/BTC

I bet you started the bot directly and not using the “multiple ALP bot startup script” (alp-bot-sessions.bat), right?
You’re lucky that I decided to include a windows set of the bot collection :wink:


yes directly. and i changed only the required parameters in the conf file.
the rest are unchanged.

That’s how it should be.
This section needs attention:


# NuBits payout address
address = xxxxxx

# API key from the exchange
apikey = xxxxxx

# API secret from the exchange
apisecret = xxxxxx

The rest can remain unchanged.

I tried my best to have all



settings correct as well as the recommended deviation and offset for each bot operation.
I wouldn’t guarantee that, though.

In fact most of the settings are still like they had been in @Nagalim’s version. I adjusted some of them settings based on his recent recommendations.

The pool settings in the unix and windows section should be identical.

In case you find something that doesn’t match, feel free to tell me in the “Universal ALP bot collection - forked (and hopefully improved) @Nagalim edition"” thread or make a pull request in github :wink:

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payouts are working daily at a fixed time?
and the amount the bot reports as “balance” is accurate?

Payouts occur at ~ 1700 EST. Yes the balance is accurate.
You must have greater than 1 NBT to have a payout.


I suppose your bot is running fine.
If you want to extend your liquidity operation to other exchanges (or shift a part of it) this is very conveniently possible with your awesome bot collection!
…not trying to move liquidity providers away from NuRiver - I’m very glad to see another ALP! - but spreading money across exchanges equals balancing exchange default risk; just sayin’…

waiting for my first payment from the pool, i just check cryptsy and i see that i have zero balance of NBT and BTC after the bot cancelled the orders!
i sent them a support message to check it, i didn’t have any hacking or withdrawing!
lets hope they solve it soon!

they answered already!
"We are performing some routine maintenance on the site. Your balances may be slow to adjust properly however your funds are safe and balances will be corrected shortly after the maintenance is over. "

I just want to confirm that I’ve received 2 payouts so far!

Some statistics of my bot:
my logs contain 3,913 lines reporting status including efficiency.

  • 3,890 have “rejects: 0 missings: 0”
  • 3,722 have “efficiency: 100.00%”

Digging deeper in the logs showed 170 lines like this:

2015/09/10-04:51:09 INFO: cryptsy - balance: 0.00000000 rate: 0.00% ppm: 0.00000000 efficiency: 0.00% rejects: 0 missings: 0

I think there was something wrong with my connection that caused “efficiency: 0.00% rejects: 0 missings: 0”.
I’m removing these 170 lines from the calculation, adjusting the numbers to:

  • 3,743 accounted for report lines
  • 3,722 have “efficiency: 100.00%”

I give NuRiver on cryptsy 99.47% (3,722 of 3,743) reliability.

That’s impressive!

…and I have some other ALP bots to compare with :wink:

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those lines with zero balance is exactly the same logs i saw due to the cryptsy maintenance issue :wink:
not a bot problem :wink:

guys a question about
i see that all the pools have the lines:
Ask order target xxxx NBT filled of maximum x NBT ( xxxx% )
Bid order target xxxx NBT filled of maximum x NBT ( xxxx% )
what this “maximun filled” really mean?
and what if some polls are > 100% ?

That means that the “dutch auction” model kicks in to the competition. When the targets are full (100%) the liquidity > 100% will be provided “for free” or at 0.00% rate. This “free” liquidity is accounted into the “filled” target.

In your client (assuming you have 100 NBT) it would something like this:
ASK: 50@0.18%, 50@0.00%,

the nbt/btc pair gets a lot of movement! i think we should raise the ask/bid limits of ALP from 1500 to 2500 maybe
since they are empty oftenly and not quickly refilled!

edit: actually cryptsy has become the #2 in volume!

Source Pair Volume (24h) Price Volume (%) Updated

1 Poloniex NBT/BTC $ 62,455 $ 0.998773 93.81 % Recently
2 Cryptsy NBT/BTC $ 1,714 $ 0.990470 2.57 % Recently

I’m a Bitcoin miner in the US and decided to start using NBT as a hedge against BTC price swings - I typically sell my mined coins near the end of the month.
What I’m trying to do now is purchase NBT on a semi-daily basis which gives me a suitable lock. I’m using Cryptsy for this, as I’m (slightly) more comfortable using Cryptsy over Poloniex.
I’m crushing the wall on Cryptsy just trying to buy even a portion of the NBT I want (approximately $75k per month is my target at this time, but would like to take that much higher with some confidence).
My question is - will the volume of liquidity improve over time? Should I become a liquidity provider (to myself?). When it comes time to sell this NBT will I be stuck with it?



75k/month is a lot, but of course we’d love to help you, so stick with me here. You clearly state the biggest concern: we want to have that money ready for you when you cash out. To achieve this, what we need to do is pump up our NSR marketcap and burn some NSR by buying them on the open market. That way, when it comes time for you to sell we should either have expanded operation to the point where that’s not an issue or we can just do the reverse of the process on the way back down. The absolute best way to do all this would be to spread it out over a long time. There’s an interesting motion up for vote right now:
[Passed] Motion to begin NSR buyback immediately
This motion gives @tomjoad the ability to start buying NSR back on the open market as the NBT price grows. Ideally, we would want to link you in somehow with an operation like this. There are other threads discussing the holding of Nu Reserve funds via multisig (what we call ‘tier 4’):
Three roles that need to be filled by shareholders
There are other projects that make the flow between NBT and NSR easier, like my seeded auction project in which Nu holds auctions that act as burn gateways between NBT and NSR and gives more liquidity all around.

Your absolute best exit strategy for Nu will be to sell your NBT over time like you are doing while you buy it. You can also make a deal with us to burn the NBT for whatever reward you think we can satisfy when the time comes, as you are doing now when trying to buy. Remember that you can always propose a grant yourself. For example, if you posted a motion hash that said “I will burn x NSR if Nu promises to grant me y NBT” you might be able to get it passed depending on the ratio of x:y.

I’m not really an official person, I’m somewhat imaginary. @JordanLee would probably be the most official face we have around these parts and should most likely weigh in on any deal of this magnitude, especially if we decide to take it to tier 4.

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I’m open to acting as a liquidity provider of some sort. In my experimentation with Cryptsy I find that I’m paying about 3% premium to buy these locks. If I incur another 3% premium on the way back to BTC (which I then sell for USD), or if I go from NBT direct to USD on Cryptsy (which I don’t trust as much), then I have to consider whether 6% premium is worth the downside protection against BTC volatility (considering I lose the upside potential).
I have other business intentions to use NBT but I need to know that I can acquire them as I need them and liquidate as well. I thought the bot system would provide this, but even now Cryptsy’s sell wall hasn’t been replenished - its been hours since I bought the wall.

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Have you checked out ALP? If you provide liquidity, you will be paid NBT by a pool operator. Nu tends to print ~10 kNBT/month that goes into these liquidity operations. If you start filling pools the operators should respond by increasing targets. This is a brand new pool operation, run by @nmei, and is still in its first term. Currently a term is about 1 month. At the end of a term the pool operator will propose new targets or strategies for the pool. We’ve been talking about alternative pool methods that allow for unlimited targets and may implement them soon. Liquidity provision (LP) is a great way to get in and help us expand operation, wonderful idea.

To participate in NuRiver, just follow the instructions in the original post. (NuRiver Pool on Cryptsy for NBT/USD & NBT/BTC)

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@Nagalim has already explained it very well.

My post is rather directed to NSR holders:

Wake up!

This would be totally no issue if Nu had fixed total payout pools and seeded auctions.

@buzzdave (or anybody else) could drain the liquidity on one side (or the other - whether NBT get bought or sold) and liquidity providers would gladly refill it getting the required resources from the Nu network in change for what is in abundance by participating in seeded auctions.

The speed would be limited, but at least it would work mostly automatic fueled by financial incentives!

The market is dynamic. Inflating or deflating NBT supply doesn’t match that dynamic as much as it could and should.
Nu has all that is required for improving it.
It just needs to happen!


Yes NBT is an excellent and easy way for locking price when your business is price sensitive, but it needs to support much higher volumes. Back when BTC looked like a high flyer (so long ago…) everybody was a holder. After maturing my business quite a bit, its clear to me now that a large scale miner simply cannot take the risk of riding BTC price. I’ve experimented with selling futures, but easiest of all would be an automated API with which I could place my BTC as I mine them, converting to NBT, such as through Shapeshift. They have limits which are too restrictive.
I will look into ALP and see if it makes sense. The Nu community is creating so much good stuff so quickly its been hard to keep up with you guys!



It still would be a little bit of an issue because NuRiver is new here and so is buzzdave, and buzzdave would prefer to only use cryptsy. Ideally, we want to trust them both more and more over time to provide a good solid supply of money. That has to be recognized by shareholders (or auction participants or whoever) and the ramping up process will take time to pass on the blockchain. Even with fixed cost, there’s still a concept of how much Nu trusts and supports any given liquidity pool.

@buzzdave I think it will be really impressive when we have B&C exchange up and running. There will be a huge amount of potential for automation with the reputed signer structure and it has a lot of the same community as Nu because of the manner in which we forked.

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I’m not so new here, but I’m very busy so not active on the forum. I’m a large shareholder in Nu and have made some attempts at working as an LP in the past.

Still just looking for a good fit to my business that also helps Nu. I think the daily volume in NBT could easily be 100’s of thousands very quickly as hedgers incorporate it into their business. I’m not unwilling to try these other sources - Cryptsy is by no means my preferred exchange.

Looking forward to B&C very much as well. I hope to be a trusted signer as well if it makes sense for the community.