NuRiver Pool on Cryptsy for NBT/USD & NBT/BTC


The custodian grants for NuRiver operations has passed. I have set up NBT/USD & NBT/BTC servers for cryptsy. Please use the following steps to connect and participate.

  1. Get a Cryptsy account
  2. Enable 2FA
  3. Generate an API key and secret
  4. Make sure you can use Python (for windows users)
  5. Download the Crypsy branch of the Nu-pool Client
  6. Unzip/move the Cryptsy branch to somewhere you will remember it
  7. Get the NuRiver pool specific JSON or conf file and place them in the Nu-pool folder
  8. Run either the “” in the main folder or the system specific file in the folders
  9. Profit

NBT/USD server specifics:

Bid/Ask: 1500 max
Payout: 0.20%
Tolerance: 0.6%

NBT/BTC server specifics:

Bid/Ask: 1500 max
Payout: 0.30%
Tolerance: 0.8%

Payouts Both: Daily, 1 NBT minimum

Currently automatic payouts are working.

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I assume you mean 0.006, which is 0.6%.

I don’t think anyone really cares, so I’ll just state what good parameters would be for everyone’s bot:
Deviation = 0.0001
Offset = 0.0058

Very nice. Welcome aboard!

Integrated on

i would like some more details for the really novice user plz.
for instance,
do we need to run a nu wallet loaded with NBT together with the server?
do we only need to have some nbt in our cryptsy acount?

Do you want to run a server or do you want to participate as a user?!

I think we’ve prepared a good overview for new users on if you need a basic understanding how ALPs work. The changes required are very marginal and only happen in the configuration file.

i can’t tell the difference in this specific pool between server and user.
i am preparng to run the server though

Please give and a read before taking any further action from here.

Yes it is 0.6%, I’ve updated the main post.

ERROR: server missing in pool.conf
no luck :slight_smile:

Well, do you have the ‘server’ parameter in your pool.conf? If not I think I found your problem.



as i have download it (step 7)

Did you fill in all the other required data?
NBT address, api key & secret?

i will sent first some nbt to cryptsy and i will try again.
perhaps this specific error is very general?

try using the with the json. I’m using it right now.

Thank you, @nmei - one more pool on my list. My RaspberryPi is very happy to serve one more pool - I love diversification!
Thank you, @Nagalim for providing useful settings for this ALP operation! And thank you for your version of the bot. It caused me quite a headache until I had found all places where I had to make adjustments to make it work with nuriver on cryptsy, but finally it worked.

In my next life I’ll be programmer!
…now I only need to start believing in Buddhism or Hinduism :slight_smile:

The cryptsy branch has many of the nagalim mods rolled into it.
In the JSON you can set offset, rest_time, etc…

Good to know!
But as I have all my bots run by @Nagalim’s version, I wanted to follow that road.


…would have been too nice. Waiting for NBT/BTC then :slight_smile:

yes, you need to be verified or else we need a centralized pool like nulagoon to take care of unverified users :wink:

woah. Feel free to do that on github next time and make a pull request. I was just going to pull from @cybnate’s directory at some point like I did last time, I didn’t really have any intention of maintaining that particular branch.

lol - now I need to learn how to use github as well? Maybe I try, just to try to return the favour; creating this improved bot was nice :wink:
…it was quite easy in the end. grep is my friend :smile: