NuDroid v3 - with Shapeshift integration now available on Google Play

Introducing the NuDroid wallet (release candidate)

Update 2-Aug: Version 4 is now available for testing here
Update 20-Jun: Final version now available on Google Play (search for NuDroid)

Bitcoin is convenient. NuBit is stable. NuDroid is both.

Paying everywhere seamlessly with your NuBits where Bitcoin is accepted without being exposed by Bitcoin’s volatility.


NuDroid is the first mobile and stable cryptocurrency wallet which can be used to pay for many goods and services at point of sale (POS) offered by merchants accepting Bitcoin and other coins. Basically how you would like to use a currency. No longer depending only on fiat becomes also available to people who cannot afford to be exposed to Bitcoin’s volatility.


NuDroid uses the services in the background to exchange your NuBit to any supported cryptocurrency including Bitcoin in seconds and completely transparent to a merchant or other receiver of the coin. NuDroid is not an exchange. NuDroid doesn’t involve the merchant or a receiver in an exchange and is therefore transparent to them.

Download the release candidate APK for NuDroid v3.01 here:
The release candidate won’t be published on the Google Store. A final version will be uploaded to Google Store after the 21 June UTC.

Background and Marketing
NuDroid is the third release of what is known as the NuBits Android client. Release v2 can still be found on Google Play until the final version of NuDroid is released. Existing NuBits Android user can upgrade automatically to the final version when released. When you like to participate in testing now you need to manually download the release candidate and read the section below.
With this important release some ground breaking functionality is added. The intention is to advertise this release more widely outside our community than we have done with previous releases. The custodial grant includes funding for advertisements on and similar sites. Currently the banner is under development. The marketing efforts will start later this month when the final version is released and content for a landing page has been finalised. Expect also some marketing effort on Reddit.

Backups, testing and feedback:
The testing window ends on 21 June 23.59 UTC. After this the developer will be paid for their services, although they will continue to support the product. They will also start with the development work of version 4 (see for more details the original custodial grant).
Please don’t test with amounts you cannot afford to loose. There is no guarantee that we can retrieve your money when something goes wrong with the wallet or your device. Before you start transferring coins, make sure you make a backup of the wallet and transfer the backup to an USB stick or another device not being your phone or tablet with the wallet.

How to log issues?
Please leave a message with any issues in this thread and mention which device and version of Android you are using. You may also be asked to follow up with screenshots or logs which are automatically produced by the App when a problem occur. These can be send by email. Please mention your alias when sending the log so the developer can retrieve your log more easy.
Alternatively you can chat about NuDroid on Gitter.


1. Can I receive Bitcoins with NuDroid?
Not directly. You can use or the coinomi App exchange feature to exchange many coins back to NuBits. NuDroid is not an exchange, not a trading tool, it is a wallet.

2. Why does NuDroid thinks the address is a Digibyte address when I’ve scanned a QR code for a Dogecoin address?
It doesn’t. It just defaults to it. There are a number of coin which share the same address identifier. To fix this a dropdown appears after the address field is completed where you can select the right coin. Go to the dropdown and select Dogecoin in case you have a Dogecoin address.

3. Can I scan Bitcoin, Peercoin or other altcoin QR codes?
Yes, you can. Just check the list with supported coins below.

4. Can I store a Bitcoin, Peercoin or Dogecoin address in my address book?
Yes, you can. Just save an address you scanned/entered and it will automatically show up in your address book.

More details:
The NuDroid v3 wallet supports the following coins:
Bitcoin, Blackcoin, BitcoinDark, Clams, Counterparty, Dash
Digibyte, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, Gemz, Litecoin, Mastercoin, Mintcoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Potcoin, Peercoin, Quark,Reddcoin, Shadowcash, Startcoin, Storjcoin X, Swarm, Tether, Unobtanium, Vericoin

Not supported are:
Nextcoin, BitShares, Monero
Some supported coins might not be available at the time of the transaction. The wallet will notify you about that. This usually means that there is no liquidity with Please advise if you encounter that often.

NuDroid powered by Shapeshift
Please be aware that depending on the liquidity available, some coins can be unavailable at New coins supported by from today on, won’t be supported automatically. This requires an update of the App.

The shapeshift service is delivered by No sign-up is needed but a small fee does apply.
On top of that usual miner or network fees also apply. Check out their website here:

The same maximum transfers for coins apply in NuDroid as on The NuDroid wallet will let you know when you exceed the maximum amount.

When foreign coins do not arrive at their intended destination and you have assured yourself that you have sent them to the right address and the blockchains on both sides are synchronised, you will need to raise a ticket with
Transfers to other coins can take some time depending on their block times. For Bitcoin that can be way more than 10 minutes at times.

Release notes NuDroid v3.0:

  • Built-in Shapeshift functionality, pay with supported coins seamlessly without an exchange account
  • Store supported foreign coin addresses in address book
  • Scanning QR codes of other supported coins including Bitcoin
  • Export transactions to comma delimited file (CSV), e.g. for bookkeeping.
  • Improved peer recognition (faster synchronisation)
  • Bug fix causing crashes or payments not progressing.

Please have a look at previous release notes about the Android wallet for more functionality.

Bonus functionality:

  • added an “Export” item in the menu on the main activity (transaction list) which exports the transaction details into a CSV file with thecolumns: Date, Label, In Amount, Out Amount (inc. fee), Fee, Address, Transaction Hash, Confirmations.

  • improved speed of finding peers.

Github Repository:
NuDroid is open source. Check out my landing page with all the repos:
Please note that this is the release candidate. This version hasn’t been uploaded to the Google Store yet.

:sunglasses: Enjoy!

Some random screenshots

Main screen

Shapeshift transaction (note the Bitcoin address)

Address book (note the foreign coin addresses)


I love the new name!

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Installed on Nexus 5 with Lollipop (5.1.1). So far runs smooth. Will test shapeshift integration next.

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I’ve tested shapeshift integration now. Used NBT to buy something with BTC, worked all well and very fast confirmation. Great job!

Maybe one minor suggestion, after sending is complete just automatically return to homescreen instead of waiting to press “back”. It confused me a bit in the beginning and I wasn’t sure if transaction process had finished yet.


Great Job!

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Great Job!

It might be useful:

What is Infer?

Facebook Infer is a static analysis tool - if you give Infer some Objective-C, Java, or C code, it produces a list of potential bugs.

Anyone can use Infer to intercept critical bugs before they have shipped to people’s phones, and help prevent crashes or poor performance.

Who Uses Infer?

It is used as part of the Facebook development process, where it runs on code changes for mobile apps - these include the main Facebook apps for Android and iOS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other apps which are used by over a billion people.

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Bump. Less than a day before the testing period officially ends (Sunday 23:59 UTC).

It is great that there are no minor or major bugs or flaws posted till today, hope it stays like this, but please give NuDroid a good testrun before we post it on Google Play coming week.

Have shared your suggestions with the developer and will let you know how we will deal with them soon.


The testing period has officially ended. This means that after the upload of the App to Google Play the developer will be eligible to get paid for this work which I’m more than happy to do given the quality of the work.

The developer also send me some responses to questions we had in the last week or so:

Return to home
For the suggestion of returning to the home page, the way it currently
works is to run through the stages of submitting a transaction, and once
it is broadcast it displays the information of the broadcast
transaction. After a successful broadcast it displays “Sent!”. It could
be changed if desired, though I would have thought myself that the
current functionality makes sense. This way you can also take a
screen-shot of the transaction details if desired, before returning to
the home page.

Addressbook receive addresses
The addressbook can show receive addresses if the code is brought in
line with the current bitcoin code. This is something that would take
some extra work as I mentioned in my previous email. I would suggest
another future release* to do just that. Also if the app is updated in
line with the latest bitcoin code, it would also allow one to copy an
address by touching the homepage QR code.

Notification on synchronisation
When you start the app for the first time it does not give information
in regards to synchronisation, but it should be possible to change this
behaviour in a future release* as well.
*future releases are not part of the current contract and will require a new custodial grant.

Bluetooth, NFC etc. limited with Shapeshift
When requesting a non-NuBits payment with bluetooth enabled, the NuDroid
app will not allow one to send via bluetooth, but you can initiate a
regular ShapeShift transfer. If using BIP0070, the NuDroid app will to
recognise the input, as it does not follow BIP0021 URIs. In this case
BIP0070 should not be used when requesting s ShapeShift payment from
those using NuDroid. NFC using other apps will not work. To clarify what
will work:

  1. Manually inputting address
  2. QR code of address
  3. QR code of BIP0021 URIs
  4. BIP0021 URI links

Google Play release
The updated App includes number 4 on the list and fixed a bug. Matthew will upload this in the next days or so to Google Play.

Still waiting for some marketing artefacts to come back. But the banner looks great, will just keep it secret for now. :smile:
Also talking to CMC and Shapeshift about the advertising in the next month.
Has been a bit quiet in the email over the weekend, hope the end of the Monday (today) in Europe/USA brings more news. Stay tuned.


NuDroid have just been uploaded to the Google Play app store. Make sure you backup first if you haven’t done that already. I’ve also asked Matthew to start working on v4 (release 3 of the grant) of NuDroid.

In a nutshell, release 3 of the grant will make the app more decentralised and robust as you wouldn’t need to rely on a single server. You can make it 100% trustless by running your own server. You would be able to define a servername in the App. The build of a second server is currently not part of the proposal.
For all the details check out the main thread here.



Hey this is really cool. Thanks for all your work @Cybnate

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EDIT: I can’t find it by typing “nudroid” . Is it all available worldwide?

I don’t think it’s called NuDroid on the store. It’s the first result if you type NuBits though

Yes. I bumped into the same issue. It is called NuBits wallet.

My apologies, I noticed the same yesterday when it became available and asked Matthew to update it, but it took a bit longer to get the update onto Google Play than I expected. It is there now with the new name.


upgraded, all good, including the latest bugs I experienced with the old version looks fixed now :wink:

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Any update on this? It is really exciting to have NuDroid at hands these days !

The banner ad is complete and awaiting deployment on CMC. There is a draft mobile page for that @Cybnate has created that I will try and upload at some point today too.

The banner ad looks stunning (will keep it a secret for now), the designer did great work supported by Tom. I’m still negotiating a bit with Cointelegraph media group (CMC). I’m currently aiming to get something up in the next 10-14 days. This leaves a bit of time to improve our advertisement landing page. We have the main page, which Tom will get up soon as his message above. I’m also looking to add FAQs and the ‘technical specifications’ and some links to the repo etc. for upload on our landing page.

I’m also in contact with Shapeshift for some teaming up with marketing.

Finally I need a bit of input from the community for the Reddit giveaway (100NBT) also planned around the same time. This should come together with a thread in e.g.Bitcointalk and some subreddits where appropriate.

I’m trying to find a way to give away 1 NBT for every download. The question is how can they best prove that it is a unique download. Just posting an address wouldn’t do it. A screenshot upload is not possible on reddit, but could be linked to (too complicated?) A unique ID existing for more than 1 month would be a start. Any other ideas?


I’ve tried the shapeshift integration and I was getting an error pop up “400 bad request” after scanning a QR code from coinbase.

Forgot to take a screeshot. It worked anyway. Great work!!

Thanks for your feedback.

It is hard to tell what happened though, but there might have some unusual/illegal information in the QR code which NuDroid didn’t accept as valid. Is there a chance you can repeat what you did maybe?