NuDroid v3 - with Shapeshift integration now available on Google Play

I’ve created a coinbase qr code again and scanned it. There was a pop up that said something like “gathering information from coinbase.”

My error message is German, so I have to translate it for you:

"Request for signature failed"
HTTP-Error 400
Bad request
Close - Repeat

Btw now I’m getting an error message “That pair is temporarily unavailable for trades” above the PIN field.

I advertised this on Peercoin’s Twitter and Facebook.

Also, will these errors Willy mentioned be looked into before advertising goes live? Maybe you can link this thread into the Google store page description and tell people to report any errors here.

I’ve asked Matthew to comment.

You are jumping the gun a bit, but it is good. Exposure is always good. I’ve just made a deal with CMC that we will have the NuDroid banner up on the front page from 10 July to 9 August. Then we will pause for 3 weeks (Summer Holidays) and then we will have it for another month.
It would be good to have the landing page twittered at the same time. Will let you know when more details become available. Will also try to pull of the Reddit giveaway at the same time.

Errors can be reported here and on Gitter:


Hi @willy. It looks like you are generating a BIP0072 bitcoin QR code, am I correct? I am assuming that the generated QR code is not backwards compatible, but I may be wrong. Can you please post an example of a failing QR code.

All failed attempts came from here:

You can try it yourself there.

Thanks @willy. I’ve fixed a bug which should allow you to make payments to backwards compatible BIP0072 QR codes now. This should fix your problem but if you still have issues, please let me know.

This fix is made available on version 3.1. It will be made available on Google Play soon, though I also uploaded it to github:


Working splendidly now.

The NuDroid advertising campaign on starts on 10 July.

That means you will see a vertical banner on top of the home page. This will rotate with up to 3 other banners and will be visible till 9 August. After a short Summer Holiday break it will get back in September making sure the holidaymakers don’t miss it :smile:

Tom has already uploaded the FAQ page for NuDroid. The landing page is almost finished. The NuDroid specification page is still work in progress by me. Both FAQ and the specification page will be linked from the landing page. The landing page is where you end up when you click the banner on CMC.

When all works according to plan I will also kick-off a NuBits giveaway on Reddit and post parts of the landing page on and hope that I won’t be moderated. For the tweets we can use the #NuDroid tag.

It would also be great if you can leave some feedback on Google Play, the more the better. Let’s try to exceed the 1k+ downloads before the end of the month!


Hi Guys,

This company is about to release a wallet app that functions as a credit card. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work, but apparently the apps let you pay by giving you access to the credit card payment network. Also works with NFC payment terminals.

My question is whether there is any chance that this could be (at some point) be implemented for NuDroid or a separate app? It really would be the absolute killer application for me, as I would use it to pay with NuBits all the time.

EDIT: Besides this, something like a NuBits denominated credit card (Nanocard, Xapo) would be very useful too.


It happens that I know actually the CEO.
Will contact him shortly to tell him about NuBits.
Nice catch.


Thanks. It makes more sense with NuBits, right? Otherwise your balance fluctuates all the time, not really useful when you are grocery shopping.

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Well, there are dozens of such wallets out there …that pretend that the non adoption of bitcoins is the bad user interface…totally wrong assessment unless for them bad user interface = non stable.

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Video proof:

Looks quite promising!

nice but do they need to input the right digits on the screen? it says 13 something but it does not seem to be the price of a bottle of water in sing dollars.

CCEDK would be able to provide a NBT enabled Nanocard. It is just the demand for it which is lacking. The main issue I have with it is that you need to provide all your details for using a credit or debitcard. That is a high price for some convenience, but I can see that there is at least a transitional market for it.

BTW NuDroid does do NFC payments, it just that you need the clearance from a payment provider which is either trusted by the merchant or can provide immediately confirmed fiat transfers into the account of the merchant. A NanoNuDroid :smile:

wo nice.

@cryptog I don’t think the 13 on the display is the price either. Maybe it’s his Bitcoin balance.

@Cybnate That would really something to look into (finding a payment partner). NanoNuDroid would make Bitcoin debit cards obsolete.

There would be a cost to it and I doubt it can be done without subscription fees and sign-up of services. Feels like a bridge too far. A combination with a Nanocard provider and NuDroid might work. I’ve proposed such thing to Ronny already and I think @desrever posted his original idea (can’t find it quickly), but we never got it to the next step. Feel free to try again.

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EDIT : correct link : How to buy NuBits or NSR with CAD/AUD/NZD/JPY/HKD/AED/RUR