NuBits Online Wallet


Due to lack of time and ongoing costs to keep this service online, I’ll take this site offline on 01.11.2016!
It is not possible to register to this service anymore. Please withdraw all your funds until the end of this month. Because of low usage this will only affect a few users.


As an additional service I’ve added a stake pool. Each time a user has to pay fees, 50% of these fees will be transferred to the pool. A script will calculate your stake daily. Payouts are bi-monthly (01 and 15).

Please leave me a comment for bug reports or feature requests.
I will try to update it in my spare time.

Please use with caution. It’s a hobby project and not tested on the long run (early beta).

v.1.0.7 - 11.10.2015

  • Minor Bug fix: The send button will be disabled if you don’t have sufficient funds.

v.1.0.6 - 02.10.2015

  • New dynamic transaction fee (base fee * 2 | minimum 0.05 NBT).

v.1.0.5 - 01.10.2015

  • New feature to show the QR code for each of your addresses.

v.1.0.4 - 28.09.2015

  • Minor Bug Fix: It is possilbe to modify your EMCSSL settings again.

v.1.0.3 - 14.09.2015

  • Added a small page to introduce the wallet. You won’t be asked for a client certificate to view this page. So you will be able to check what a site this is before you decide to provide a certificate or not. Only if you add /wallet to the URL to login into the wallet it will ask for a ceritficate if available.

v.1.0.2 - 13.09.2015

v.1.0.1 - 12.09.2015

  • Transactions overview: New columns “Fee” and “Balance”.
  • Changed column “Time” to “Time Ago”. Showing the time since a transaction has been made.

v.1.0.0 - 12.09.2015

  • initial release


Well done! I’m impressed.

Everyone that’s registered gets a part of the 50%?

I’ve just tested the online wallet.
It looks good and works (partly) like intended.
I could send NBT to the wallet and create an entry in the address book.
When I tried to use this entry for withdrawing NBT it didn’t work.
Error message:“Something went wrong.”

I tried to send 0.04 NBT from my balance of 0.1 NBT.
The fee calculation showed:"Transaction fee: 0.05 NBT | This transaction will subtract 0.09 NBT from your balance."
So there would have been enough balance to execute the transaction.

After deleting the address book entry I could execute the withdrawal.
Message was:“Successfully added to queue” or something like this.

The blockexplorer already shows the transaction.


…only the address book seems to be bugged…

One remark regarding the stake: there’s no PoS reward for NBT. Minting is done with NSR. They generate a minting reward of 40 NSR per block.

…but I had some trouble with the CAPTCHA. It seems that some CAPTCHAs can be more easily bypassed from computers than from humans.

Which brings me to the idea:
what about restricting access to the online wallet with an NBT “pay wall”?
When creating an account require an amount of NBT to be sent to an address in the online wallet to create or activate it.
So users wouldn’t really pay for it, but had to send maybe 0.1 NBT to an NBT address. After the online wallet registers the input, they can continue and find the 0.1 NBT (minus fee) in their account.
How does that sound?

edit: nice, I’ve found something in the settings of the online wallet which I really find interesting:
“You can use EMCSSL to secure your login. What is EMCSSL?

I have an eye on Emercoin for some time and I’m glad that their intelligent concept of using a blockchain for PKI stuff is finding use.
But tell me: where on the online wallet do I enter the hash of the certificate?
I haven’t used EMCSSL so far, because it’s still quite complicated to use it and I had no good reason for doing it. I’d like to test it with the online wallet, though :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback.
I tried to reproduce this failure. But it worked for me. I picked an address book entry and was able to send 0.04 NBTs out. Was your balance confirmed with at least three confirmations? Did you opened the wallet in several tabs or browsers? There is a security feature preventing the usage of more than one wallet at once, resulting in this error message (for example).

Yes, I’m aware of this. I’ve created a service stake pool. 50% of the fees of the wallet are transferred into this pool. Every user who is holing some coins get a percentage of this pool each day. This is calculated by the time and amount of coins which have been holded by a user for each day. Payouts are currently sheduled for the 1. and 15. of each month.

Yes this sound good. I’ll think about it and how to implement a solution like this.

Yes, the creation of an EMCSSL certificate is quite complicated. If you follow the link you should get all necessary informations. There are also binaries for Windows and Linux which will create such a certificate for you. The important part is to add the signature of the certificate to the Emercoin blockchain.
It is also possible to add an encrypted vcard to the certifiacte, but this is not necessary for this wallet service.
I’ve also created a wallet for Emercoin which will let you create such a NVS entry here.
As soon as you have a valid client certificate added it to your browser the wallet application will automatically ask for it and provide you new buttons to activate it. There is no need to add the hash again. The wallet will extract it from the certificate itself.

I had only one tab in one browser open, but I’m not sure about the confirmations. That might likely be the cause, because I tried sending them quite soon after they were in the wallet.
Thank you for following this up and testing it!

So the certificate and the online wallet get associated by logging into the wallet with a certificate being installed in the browser?
What if I have several online wallets and several certificates?
How do associate the right certificate with the right wallet?
Is there a field in the certificate that needs to carry the account name?

Yes, exactly. Best practise is to have only one certificate. You can reuse it for any service. I’m doing it the same way.
There is a username given in the certificate but I’m not using it in my wallet applications. But other services using EMCSSL might use it.
As soon as you want to use EMCSSL only the certificate hash will be stored together with your username and password (which is is a salted hash) in the database.

With EMCSSL you will have some additional login options:

  • Login with certificate or password
  • Login with certificate only
  • Login with certificate and password

I’d rather have different certificates for different services or different types of service. As EMCSSL is not very widely supported at the moment, I think I can start with having just one cert :wink:

They look very nice!
I wonder how long it takes until more services make use of the incredibly cheap, decentralized, ingenious Emercoin system.

Very nice job. How would you compare the degree of centralization of your Online Wallet service compared to NuDroid?

This service is fully centralized.
I’ve also made it for other PoS currencies with the intention to build a PoS-pool. The drawback of a pool is to be centralized.

Will you share the wallet source code? There are obvious security concerns with not hosting an online wallet oneself.

Can you avoid showing the popup for choosing a client certificate until the user knows what the site is about? I have an unrelated certificate that Firefox suggests.

Tks for the clarification.

I’ve added a page to introduce the wallet before asking for a certifiacte. Hope this solution will be better.

I’ll think about it to make it open source. I’ll have to write (a lot of ) comments and a documentation and I won’t have much time the next weeks.

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Feature request: Show QR codes for receive addresses

What is the purpose of stake pool?

The online wallet is charging 0.05 NBT as transaction fee right now. 0.03 NBT (-0.02 network fee) are currently profit and 50% of this profit is distributed among all people having NuBits in the online wallet.
Size of the stake increases with number of NuBits in the wallet.

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Done :wink:


Can you make a short statement whether your web wallet is affected by 0.02-NBT-fee-gate?

I’ve just made a transaction and it has been broadcasted:

My wallet also shows the new tx-fee:
“paytxfee” : 0.02


Are you planning to adjust the current fee of 0.05 accordingly?