Nu Wikipedia pages - What is missing?

This thread exists to coordinate our efforts to update the Wikipedia articles related to the Nu Network, including:

  1. Nu Network
  2. NuBits
  3. NuShares (not currently on Wikipedia)

There is also other work we could do on Wikipedia:
For example, these articles could mention Nu: Peercoin, proof-of-stake, DAO

“In general, high-quality articles have these elements: a lead section that gives an easy-to-understand overview, a clear structure, balanced coverage, neutral content, and are based upon and verifiable in reliable sources.” (source)
More info: Wikipedia: Writing better articles

To Do:

  • Outline contents for each Wikipedia article. (See the Bitcoin article for inspiration.)
  • Draft basic fact-based, neutral content to fill in the outline.
  • Link in content from reliable sources to verify facts. (Expect to adjust draft text as necessary.)
  • Set up article navigation and add to the Infobox. Include logos and any other images available.
  • Build links to related Wikipedia articles, wherever it makes sense to do so.

How can YOU help?

How much time do you have to help out right now?

If you have a few minutes:

  • Comment with a link to a news article about NuBits, NuShares, or the Nu Network.
  • Comment to tell us a topic or fact that you think we should be sure to include on Wikipedia.
  • Add to an outline for one of the articles.
  • Make minor edits to our WIkipedia articles, if you know how.

If you have 10-15 minutes:

  • Write a very basic draft of one or two topics for an article. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Anything helps.
  • Edit a small piece of an existing draft to improve accuracy or make it sound nicer.
  • Create an account on Wikipedia.
  • Check out the Wikipedia tutorial.
  • Complete the Wikipedia Newcomer Training.
  • Edit Wikipedia to add a link or two from our articles to other articles on Wikipedia.
  • Find another Wikipedia article that is related to ours, and update their article to add a link to our article.

If you have an hour:

  • Create part of an outline for us.
  • Write draft text to fill in one of our outlines.
  • Use your experience and expertise to clearly explain a topic from one of our outlines, or a relevant topic that belongs.
  • Translate one of our basic stub pages into another language.
  • Post a translated stub page onto another language version of Wikipedia, or if it is already there, expand on it.
  • Search for external source articles, especially recent ones or those published in languages other than English.
  • Set up or update an Infobox or internal links on our article page.

If you have more than an hour:

  • Create an account on Wikipedia and complete the Wikipedia Newcomer Training.
  • Create draft content so that we have basic text to start with.
  • Polish up draft text and integrate the external sources that fit with a specific section.
  • Match external sources with parts of our outline.
  • Update the Wikipedia page with content that is ready to go up there.
  • Link our content to other Wikipedia articles.

If you are too busy to participate, or you don’t want to:

  • I know everyone is busy, so don’t feel like you need to commit to another project–you are more than welcome to add what you can, when you have a moment.
  • Don’t assume that your small contributions won’t matter, or that these articles will write themselves. Having solid Wikipedia articles will help other people quickly understand the Nu Network, NuBits, and NuShares. If that doesn’t matter to you, it should.
  • If you know that you understand something better than most others, please take a few minutes to either explain it here OR point us to resources that will help as we create these articles.

Thanks for reading, and for your cooperation with this project. :kissing_heart:

Let’s get started!


Wiki artcles will be based on objectivity, aka previous articles or media releases.
For now, we have for example:


These are the articles I have been able to find about NuBits. They are formatted for use on Wikipedia and have brief notes below as a reminder of how NuBits is mentioned or what topics are covered in each article. Listed in order of publication, from oldest to newest.

Do you know of any others that I am missing?

List of Sources


[This post now is a wiki. Anyone can contribute to the list.]

Excellent work. Since the White Paper doesn’t get updated often, a wikipedia page will be really helpful for an objective overview. We probably should make it clear the relation between a wikipeida page and contents.

These should go in somewhere:

utilities, tools, and services:


  • voting and grant
  • liquidity
  • buyback
  • stable reserves
  • pools (MLP, ALP)



Don’t forget NuBox, our latest project.


Good spot. Added it to the list.

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Wanna make the list a wiki entry that allows others adding links etc.?

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I made some updates to the wiki post and added links:

More info and more structure is still needed.
Go for it!

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