NuBits now has its first Android wallet!

We have some exciting news to share with the Nu community. Giannis from recently approached our team looking to add NuBits and NuShares support to his popular Android wallet service. In collaboration with @sigmike, @coingame, @desrever, @woolly_sammoth, @Ben, and others, development has now been completed. This means that Nu now has its first Android wallet!

You can download the Android wallet from the Google Play store here:

Coinomi is a universal wallet that supports multiple cryptoassets, including Peercoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Coinomi’s development of a NuBits and NuShares option on its platform is proof that external developers can successfully work with our team to create new products while we are still in our closed-source days.

Best of all, this wallet will be an excellent compliment to the NuBits-only wallet that is being developed by @Cybnate at the request of shareholders. It is still very important that we have a wallet that we run ourselves to retain control over our product offering. Still, NuBits benefits from being included on as many platforms as possible and Coinomi is a welcome addition to the Nu brand.

From a recent article on Coinomi:

"Giannis Dzegoutanis is the founder and co-CEO of Coinomi. The multi-coin wallet permits users to control their digital coins with an app. Here’s what you need to know about the Coinomi wallet:

-Access all coins - control all your coins with a single app; no confusion, no hassle
-Top security - Coinomi uses bank grade technology; your money is kept safe by guaranteeing that your private keys will never leave your gadget; the user has absolute control
-Convenient backup - a user’s coin are gathered in a Hirerarchical Deterministic Wallet; rather than have a single wallet for every digital coin, users have one master key for all of them."

Contact info for Coinomi
Wallet download: and Redirecting….
Source code:

Screenshots of Coinomi:


Nice, Does Nushares and peercoins mint on this wallet ?!

Very good to know that this is no suspicious piece of software (being out since yesterday; could be just here to get hold of you coins :wink: ).
I’ve already written a warning in the “Proposal to develop a NuBits Android wallet” thread which I could delete after having read this statement.

Good job!

Warning: Coinomi may steal your coins. :smile:

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way: searching the Play Store for “nubits” doesn’t reveal this app (yet). Let’s make sure that happens.

EDIT: just downloaded the app from the store, and I don’t see NBT support. I’m running an old version? v1.5.0

EDIT EDIT: You must click +Coins at the bottom to find NBT.

The software is open source as well if anyone has concerns with it.


That creates even more trust than “only” being developed with the help of Nu developers!

Is it possible to verify that the version in the app store is the same as the version in the open source project?

I’m not really familiar with android development. It’s an APK file that gets downloaded from the play store right? Maybe it can be verified by building from the source and checking some signature of the two files.

100% , we established a good relation with the developer, which actually should show up soon on this thread .

Official website is

You can verify there, that he also setup a NBT donation address, that I believe deserve to be filled with stable joy.

Addresses for donations (now scan the QR!) :slight_smile:

NBT: BKSprKPLZtJHt9zo34Sr7uKoFCF17vzGDk

NSR: SU3Uzb2v7XVau5PWny1ydMyLyHzzvtvt5B

Let it rain.

no minting afaik

That is (also) why we will have our own dedicated Android App. :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

I am Giannis Dzegoutanis founder of the Coinomi wallet, it pleases me that you find it useful as I do.

@Raythma it’s not possible to mint, but it could be an option in the future. The fact that the device must be constantly connected to the internet is a concern for battery life and system performance. On the other hand, the fact that you have a BIP44 compatible seed opens a lot of possibilities. For example the official Nu client could directly use the seed and mint with the NuShare and Peercoins that you also have in your mobile wallet.

@Chronos it is totally possible that somebody could do such a thing but in your defense you could clone the GitHub repo, review the code and compile your own APK. I put my personal reputation at stake and doing this kind of thing is not my style. I respect you valid skepticism and we will try our best to gain your trust!
Regarding the “+ COINS” to add NuBits, it is something that will be improved: When creating a wallet, a user can chose their favorite coins upfront (and add more later with the + COINS button)

Coins like NuBits is a sign that the community is maturing, it is going to fill a void that many don’t know that exists yet. I am very glad for the work you are doing.


Giannis Dzegoutanis


I have downloaded and now playing with it, it’s very easy to use, nice interface and very simple way to secure and recover the wallet!

Thank you for this nice piece of software :smile:

Great job Giannis. I am really happy to see that Greek guys are into cryptos as well :wink:

@erasmospunk Would you be able to share with us how many downloads you get from our community every couple weeks?

@GLock @seki Thanks a lot guys!

@tomjoad I will try, currently all the numbers are mixed. At some point it would be useful to see how many people use which coins.

HI Giannis, my several bucks(NBT) sent to your address .

@Sabreiib thanks a lot!

Do you have ios version wallet or any plan? Is Ios platform safe and friendly to crypto wallet?

The iPhone6+ and NSR/NBT wallet are my dream!

@Sabreiib not yet, but my first goal if we get funded. The iOS platform is safer than desktops, while about their friendliness I would say they are cautious but don’t ban wallets anymore.

What level of funding do you need to see an iOS version of Coinomi through, @erasmospunk?


@ben good question. I do not use Android.