NuBits and

Hey guys,

I’ve seen this tweet yesterday and thought: what a tremendous idea!

If you don’t know yet, check them out. They’re offering a instant, registration-free coin conversion service.

So I’ve wrote a mail to the shapeshifters which was answered as follows:

Hello willy,

Yes we likely will integrate NuBits, but it would be several weeks away.

Can you tell me a little about that coin?

Kind regards,

So I told him a little about NuBits. Let’s see if we hear from them again.

Paying with NuBits everywhere Bitcoin is accepted would be a huge leap forward!



That’s really awesome. I retweeted that the instant I saw it.

We’re trying to branch out and get some services to accept us but there’s only so much we can do. It’s going to be up to the community to get our coin accepted places, so seeing this really warms my NuHeart.

Thank you for any time spent asking services to accept us.

They seem to be curious:
(second sentence is about the NuBits mechanisms mentioned in the FAQs)

Okay thank you. That sounds like something that -probably- won’t work,

but it’s certainly worth experimenting with!

We’ll keep an eye on it, and add it to the site when we have the




Well it’s a far better response than “no” :wink:

NuBits will hopefully deliver to the sceptics :slight_smile:

I saw a post the other day that had “Payment method: NuBits” listed. We’re starting to get attention in the right places, and best of all it’s not overwhelming. Slow and steady growth is healthiest for the network at this point.

I’ve seen several of these localbitcoin posts now, seems very encouraging

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I’m happy to hear about Localbitcoins, that makes perfect sense as a use case. What about Shapeshift, earlier I paid notice to their low volume, but I didn’t investigate that much as it wasn’t directly in line with my interest, but now that NuBits are involved, I’ll check their volume of shapeshifts.

I was talking to the guys from today. They are planning to integrate NuBits aswell. told me, we could see NuBits integration by the end of the year.

I’ve never heard coinomat… this is good? looks like it’s similar to shapeshift?

Yes, it’s nearly the same kind of service.

They are longer in this game and advertise on the peercointalk forums. Never used them tbh, as I was afraid of the companies registered office.
On the other hand… at least they show one on their website. (ShapeShift does not.)

Interesting. Well, the more the merrier!

Coinomat is active in Nxt community, and they distributed tokens on Nxt AE.

I see. Well lets hope they decide to join team NuBits

I’ve asked domator, team member, if they would be interested in adding NuBits to their platform. He said that it’s a great idea and that they have to check exchanges environment. runs from April this year, I used them few times - fast and quite cheap.
What distinguishes them from competitors is that they create persistent channels you can reuse in future, exchange rate is locked upon each deposit, which is great. We could exchange PPC<->NBT w/o running a browser, just deposit to address from address-book.

That’s pretty amazing.

I’ve contacted their support three days ago but didn’t hear back from them (which was pretty disappointing.)

But anyway, nice that they consider integrating it.

Reusing channels to exchange coins is a clever idea - especially if you don’t want to store your coins at an exchange!
Would be great to have a ppc/nbt trading pair there.
Nice find!

That’s an interesting option, the more ways to use NBT the better, this is what we should strive for. Any updates?

Here’s a link to vote on NBT integration on Cryptsy.

We have only 14 votes so hopefully we can get more :smile: