NuBippy - BIP0038 style encryption and vanity addresses

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to a project I’ve been working on the last week or so. It’s a port of Bippy (my BIP0038 encryption tool) specifically for NuBits and NuShares.

With NuBippy you can encrypt existing private keys, generate brand new private keys (which can then be encrypted) or generate vanity addresses, with optional encryption on the private keys.

A one click installer for Windows (32 and 64 bit) is available here:

If you’re on Mac or Linux: NuBippy is built in Python (2.7) and requires Kivy ( to run.
There’s more information on the README on github and I’m happy to answer any questions.

Donations are welcome: BMJ2PJ1TNMwnTYUopQVxBrAPmmJjJjhd96

Here’s a few screenshots:


I’ve played around with this quite a bit already. It works really well (I ran it on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 inside a VM) and the design is awesome!


I really wish I could press a “tip” button right now =) I had the chance of trying it also! Its a great tool for both cold storage and vanity addresses. We could make a vanity challenge at some point =)


EDIT: maybe after a few more community testing and reviews we could link to it from the website. Altcoins usually have a “paper wallet” generator (aka a fork of bitaddress) . We will have this custome awesomeness superior tool!


Thanks. Kind words!

I’m going to keep tweaking it as I keep thinking of things that could improve it.
Next on the list is some check-boxes to allow for ‘case-insensitive’ and ‘regex’ searches in vanity addresses

I’m open to any other suggestions too.


I’m not familiar with BIP0038 and have just started to find out why and how to use it.
I stumbled upon this and need to say that it really caught my attention:

Although I’m not fully aware of NuBippy, I already like it!
I need to second the demand for a “tip” button!
If you post a NBT address, I’ll send you a tip just for motivating purposes and to honor your work!


Yeah @woolly_sammoth we’re gonna need you to post a NBT address in the topic post bro, and put it on the github page too.



A small update to NuBippy this morning.
On the vanity address generation screen there are two radio buttons which turn on ‘case-insensitive’ and ‘regex’ searching. These options can speed up a slow search if you don’t mind the case the vanity text appears in (case-insensitive), or the location in the address that the text appears (regex).

I’m going to try and get the compiled binaries working today. I’ll keep this post updated when I do

Good plan. That bit completely slipped my mind. Github and OP have been updated

And NuBippy has made it to the new docs! There’s my 15 minutes of fame!


It’s good to have a community that tries to be attentive :slight_smile:
Thank you for the upgrades!
Unfortunately there’s not yet a mobile wallet so you have to wait until I’m at my computer at home :wink:


I’m not up on Android development but I was just having a look at some of the open source stuff from bitpay (

I was thinking that ‘bitcore’ might be a useful port. How does a NuBit web wallet sound?

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Although web wallets are quite comfortable, I have some reservation using them due to security and availability aspects.
Multisig would help to recover the coins in case the services went offline.
And for storing small amounts it might be a feasible solution (at least for me).

So basically I think a web wallet can be fine - under certain circumstamces.

I’m all for any NuBit related service existing.

That was my thought.

As both NuBits and NuShares are based on Bitcoin, most of the existing open source tools should be portable to work with Nu.
There are a few quirks of the Nu system but where would the fun be if everything was easy all the time?

I think it is the right time to cross link to this post:

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There is now a Windows installer for NuBippy available here:

It has been tested on windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and works OK. There’s a little work needed on the vanity address generation as the vanitygen screen displays. That’s a job for another day though.

Next on the list is to get the same done for Mac. Watch this space…


Awesome! Will be trying it out tonight.

Maybe it is me, but I couldn’t get the file to download. When I follow the link through reddit there is also a typo in the download link. But even when removing the space in front of the URL it still ends up with a message that it can’t find the file.

I did manage to download the zip from Github, but this is not an easy to install/ready to go version. Still hope that one can be made available as I just like to have a look at it and play with it.

Oops, that’s my fail for not proofing my reddit posts. Sorry, I’ll edit that in a moment.

Try going to for the download apage. If that fails, the direct link is

(the download page is better for me as the download button keeps track of the number of downloads for me)

the download button on still doesn’t work. i’m not sure why. I just get this message in chrome.

Hmm weird. Does the direct link work for you?

It must work for some people as it’s had ~12 downloads! (tomorrow, the world!)

I’ll try and debug later when I’m by a laptop