Nu client version 0.5.2 promoted from beta to main download page

Our 0.5.2 release has been tested and used in production by around 6 people for several weeks. It is time to expand the number of beta users. These additional beta users will either demonstrate there are no flaws introduced in the version, or they will bring them to our attention and they will be fixed. Either way, we expect to promote 0.5.2 to the main download page soon. It will not be a mandatory update. Here are the beta download links:

md5 = 91e61ce2ca421fd9e713e83b41b73df2

md5 = a2b41ddcf3885b8a7f28029c78907c7c

md5 = fd51be3b61c1a10a34f0c3183edff7e5

Feature list:

  • Coin control, which is an optional feature that can be toggled on or off that allows users to select which inputs will be used in a transaction and what change address to use.
  • additional detail returned by the getblock RPC

Bug fixes:

  • Wallets created from older versions of the client will sometimes forget motions if more than one exists.

  • some memory leaks fixed

  • trimming of zeros in RPC results

Our next release will be version 0.5.3, which has basic support for voting data feed consumption. We are close to having it polished enough to begin beta testing in the production environment.


Please report any buys you find to @CoinGame

…and please report any requests regarding an ARMv6 compile (for RaspberryPi) to @CoinGame :wink:

I’ll see what I can do. Might take a few days to get my new setup figured out.

Oh noes! How shall da masta play with da nu version?

Thanks for your efforts for compiling ARMv6 versions!
As it seems that I’m one of the few (not to say the only one; but I think there’s at least one more…) who is interested in a version that runs on a RPI and that’s why I’d like to withdraw my request, because it seems to be too much work to satisfy the desires of one person alone.

I’d rather have a new ARMv6 version once the next hard fork happens. Until then I let

“version” : “v0.5.1-beta”,
“protocolversion” : 50000,
“walletversion” : 1,
[/quote] run.
If others chime in or you can do that alongside other stuff, I’d be happy to have an ARM version! No hurry for that - especially not if 0.5.3 is near!

Unless you need coin control or the raw RPC update on your RPi, you likely won’t see any improvements. The nominal fixed memory leak may improve performance somewhat, but for the majority of use cases, it should not be noticeable.

Right. I was rather interested in testing it on an ARM platform than being in need of it. As long as it the client is not open source there’s no way I can think of to test it on ARM - except for getting compiled versions.
It might be no bad idea not to ignore devices like RPi; with he Nu block chain being secured by PoS, the client is predestined to be run on a device like a RPi :wink:

Headless on raspi is enough for me.
I have tried the windows version of the new client. Coin control is great but I haven’t sent anything.

Version 0.5.2 has been promoted from beta so that it is now the version available on the download page on

Version 0.5.3, which features our first iteration of data feed functionality, will be released as a beta very soon with one known issue. No additional testing or coding is needed for its beta release. We are preparing download links and a feature list as the only remaining tasks that need to be completed for beta release.