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any news on the article Tom? rgds

@ronny Good timing. Article is complete, just doing one last set of edits before sending over to you. Expect it in the next hour.

@Ronny What do you think? I included a space (all caps) for you to make a quote if you like.

Title: Welcome to a Nu world of stable digital currency


In the wake of continued losses this year by Bitcoin, digital currency enthusiasts are beginning to search for alternatives that display some semblance of price stability. After all, economists believe that viable currencies in the long-term must contain the basic properties of effective money. Several digital currency competitors have emerged with offerings that have attempted to maintain a constant US price level of the portfolio of its users. These include Bitcoin-focused options such as Bitreserve, Tether, and Coinapult’s LOCKS, as well as alternative cryptocurrency trading options such as BitUSD and CoinUSD. These offerings have had limited success so far due to varying degrees of price stability, liquidity, simplicity, and decentralization.

In a quiet corner of the Bitcoin 2.0 ecosystem is a group of developers that have successfully launched the only stand-alone stable digital currency, NuBits. While still largely an unknown among followers of Bitcoin, the Nu development team is comprised of veteran members of other established cryptocurrency communities. NuBits has maintained almost perfect $1.00 US stability since its launch on on September 23, 2014, and has since expanded to multiple exchanges. Experienced traders no doubt noticed that NuBits were a surprise entry in the top three of daily global trading volume, along with Bitcoin and Litecoin, in November 2014.

The Nu team believes that the critical flaw of Bitcoin is the use of the same fungible unit for share and currency functions. Shares must have the capacity to appreciate and reflect changes in the perceived value of the network while currency must remain stable to be effective. According to the Nu white paper, it is impossible to accommodate these diverse pricing needs in a single unit. The Bitcoin community was aware of such a need as far back as February, when a well-known Bitcoin journalist wrote that “the next major bitcoin innovation won’t be a wallet app of a merchant tool, but rather a product or method that effectively separates bitcoin, the currency, from bitcoin, the speculative investment”. The Nu design has introduced the first working implementation of this innovation to the world with NuBits and NuShares.

Count Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK Exchange, as an early believer. His exchange offers over half a dozen trading pairs for both NuBits and NuShares, and expects Nu to continue its rapid growth into the future. “I am very excited to be working with the NuBits community. It is a great pleasure to be part of this very promising work initiated by lead architect Jordan Lee and from the first day I decided to add NuBits on exchange I have seen progress every week.” Ronny believes that the stability of NuBits is a key competitive difference for the currency. “As everyone knows, only a stable currency can ensure growth long-term, and this is what NuBits is all about.”

For speculators, NuShares are perhaps the more exciting half of the Nu design because they can appreciate in value. NuShares are equity in the Nu network and return dividends to its holders. In its first planned dividend in November, $50,000 US worth of dividends were distributed through the Nu client as a dividend to NuShareholders. NuShares have also recently been featured prominently on major ranking websites like The rise of NuShares to the second spot in the “Assets” category on Coinmarketcap - after less than a month of being publicly traded - reveals a growing momentum behind the Nu project.

Over the coming years the Nu development team hopes NuShares will answer a critical question in digital economies: “What is the value of a stable-value digital currency network worth?"

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@tomjoad Thank you for authoring this piece. Your pithiness is virtuous – to focus on the shares vs currency split, even though there are so many other improvements.

Perhaps the other differentiators could be fodder for future articles – the what and the why. WIth so many improvements (voting/parking, custodianship, PoS, 1 minute block times), there is quite a bit of content that could be dribbled out to keep Nu on the radar, while giving an opportunity to reinforce this fundamental.

All credit goes to Jordan for that section. It’s pretty much lifted word for word from the white paper. I still remember the first time I read that paragraph how excited I was.

Okay now back to NSR speculating.


Quote: I am very excited to be working with the Nubits community. It is a great pleasure to be part of this very promising work initiated by the peercoin developer Jordan Lee and from day one I decided to add Nubits on exchange I have seen progress every week with solid support from the developing team and the Custodians(the entity constantly ensuring liquidity in buy and sell walls on exchanges as present examples). NuBits as the number 1 currency to consider in future due to the stability always NBT = 1 USD and NuShares as a very exciting new currency which will in time show growth to unforeseen heights in the wake of Nubits growing stronger are both two entities the world will not be able to ignore, and time will show an increasing amount of merchants accepting Nubits as the only digital currency worth considering if they believe in making a profit on every sale they make! As everyone knows, only a stable currency can ensure growth longterm, and this is what Nubits is all about, to ensure growth on a longterm basis and eventually become the only currency worthwhile when transferring value from A to B on a global scale involving the every day normal person wishing to send money back home to their loved ones, with a close to zero fee, no exchange discrepancies, speedy, secure and always same value received as what was sent. It’s a vision of greatness and it seems with Nubits that its a mission of great promise and the kind that makes dreams come true! If you believe in Nubits, there is no way to get past NuShares, its a must have to take part in something I consider the equivalent to Alibaba “BABA” shares in the real world, and get this, with Nubits growing stronger, Nushares will eventually become an accepted investment in the real world and only the future can tell then in which dimension, it is however a great asset to trade allowing the early birth ups and downs, and for investors only the arrow going up in value…

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Hi ronny, What’s up with the technical work going on at CCEDK? Any ETA of coming back?


JL is not the inventor of peercoin.

sorry, thought Jordan Lee was involved with developing peercoin. I asume Tom will adjust and correct in final text accordingly, and once ready this article will be presented from my side to cointelegraph, cryptocoinarticles, einpresswire, Reuters and Bloomberg. All of which I have some nice relations. So, I am waiting anxiously Tom!


@tomjoad very nice summary.

I was told an hours time was needed, I see it has exceeded a little, but coming back soon. It is partly due to increased improvement on NUbits and Nushares functionality this technical work is caused as well as the change to new server, adding EGOPAY as payment option deposit or withdraw and more. Patience a little longer. It is like this today at this time, tomorrow and Friday as well at approx same time.


Hi Ronny, I am grateful for your support to Nu, wish we have a win-win result. I think Nu can be improved in future.

Thanks ronny for the good work and for answering. It would be nice if an announcement is made in advance so people can prepare.

I know, and it will be a part to consider inthe future, as our blog will be up and running again soon, with updated news etc. I full agree on your point and apologize for any inconvenice it may have casued. I hope you know its up and running again also. With hel from one of the Nubits members from Japan, we will soon have our website in japanese as well, adn in coming weeks I can already say following languages will be added in order to celebrate christmas on CCEDK in multiple languages. We have so far up and running Estonian, Latvian, Ruassian, English, Chinese and two people in support team chinese as well, arabicand French. We will then before christmas be adding following: Lithuanian, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Danish, German. On my wishlist still to come Turkish, Greek, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Corean.

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@ronny I have made the final edits with a key selection of your quotes that fit best with the flow of the article. Please use the copy above as the final version, and let me know if you see of any changes you would like made.

Looking forward to reading it in some outside sources!

Do you have the logo of CCEDK with the NBT in pouch in a good format like at , then please send asap to

Sure thing, I’ve emailed it to your address.


Really appreciate your efforts to market NuBits and NuShares @Ronny. Anytime you would like an article written up, just let me know.

Dis you see the latest one from crypto articles. He promised me an article snce a month, now he did one, and makes another one on Nubits, as well as two on Nushares. It is great, and only prooves that persistency pays off in the end.

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